[DmonHiro] No Game No Life Zero (BD, 720p)

2021-08-05 20:53 UTC
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![image](https://i.ibb.co/Y04yYnH/NGNL01.jpg) Somewhere, on an isolated planet, 15 races battle for the ultimate prize. A device said to be able to destroy the entire universe. As the never-ending war rages on, destroying the planet, the survivors of the native population struggle to stay alive. With no way of defending themselves from the 15 races, they do what they can to gather information and find places that are relatively safe. But that is becoming harder and harder, as the very air on the planet has become toxic to them because of the ash which follows the battles between the races. The only silver lining is that none of the other races pay any attention to them, as they are far beneath them. Riku Dola, the leader of the remaining humans, does what he can to keep them alive, but doing so requires that some of them are sacrificed to gather the information they so need. But one day, Riku encounters an exiled member of the Ex-Machina race. He befriends her and names her Schwi. With her help, he might be able to bring an end to this meaningless battle. Man, this movie kicks all kinds of ass. Not only does it look great, but the characters and plot are fantastic. This was a world without the 10 Commandments. A world where killing was common. Each of the 15 races were out for blood, and each is said to have access to their own kind of super-weapon. That's right, only 15 races. Humanity was not part of the Exeeed at the time. This is the forgotten history of the never-ending war, before the world was remade into Disboard. And what a ride this movie was. While it did have some comedy and a little bit of fanservice, this movie is much darker then the series. As it should. There's no fun to be had in this world. If you lose, you die. And you die horribly. While Sora & Shiro are arguably smarter then Riku & Schwi, I have many doubts that Sora & Shiro would have been able to pull off what Riku & Schwi did. Video is from the JP BD, the subtiltes are from the US BD, and the subtitles for the little intro to the movie are from me. Contains 2.0 and 5.1 tracks. Enjoy the movie. It is fantasic.

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Thanks Dmon!
\>and the subtitles for the little intro to the movie are from me Nice meme. Waste of time for such a piece of shit movie from a HUEHUEHUE that is a known plagiarist.

DmonHiro (uploader)

This movie came after that incident without problems which means there wasn’t any major plagiarism and it was people making up shit.( Not like the LN writer is the artist. At worst, he would have replaced the artist with someone else.) Compare with GoHands’ Tokyo Babylon, there was actual plagiarism in there and the show got cancelled once higher ups found out and evaluated that the acussatios were right To say there’s any major plagiarism in NGNL LNs is a lie
I never understood the whole flame with the Plagiarism.. I mean peeps been stealing each others stories since caveman times. Let it go and enjoy the shit already... <_<

DmonHiro (uploader)

Nah, it wasn't about the story, but about some illustrations.
Even worse lol.. Visual forms of art are always stolen first... _"Purty picture, let me make one.."_
@Hermandshot You deserved a Headshot.... If you just hate Dmon, let 's write that, bud do not fuck with the show every time, a few times already cleared this plagium shit, i guess, you are very lonely and need your mouth run when you have nobody to talk.....
The "plagiarism" wasn't even that severe. It was one or two hands.... poses. That's it. Hand poses. On illustrations. Oh: and Western artists do this ALL the time. Most artists do this. It's actually extremely normal to use other drawings as a base for your own; Japan is the ONLY country that is harsh and strict about how you trace. That guy is just a sad little man complaining about a good series.
Why do you all waste your time replying to that guy? It wants attention, stop giving it. Thanks Dmon, I may actually watch this after putting it off since its release.