[DATS-Wild Bunch] Digimon Tamers 2021 (from DigiFes 2021) [1080p][8AC9A8FB].mkv

2021-08-03 11:49 UTC
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  • [DATS-Wild Bunch] Digimon Tamers 2021 (from DigiFes 2021) [1080p][8AC9A8FB].mkv (436.0 MiB)
Egregiously based
c-c-c-c-combo breaker
Is this the one that whines about "cancel culture"?
Crystal generation being crystal generation...
Fuck Wild Bunch lmao
>This program promotes far-right politics and conspiracy theories. The views and opinions expressed herein do not reflect those of DATS and The Wild Bunch. Imagine calling someone far-right just because they criticize your precious cancel culture. Only proving their point by doing so. >There were numerous reasons under which we decided to make this hardsubbed and watermarked. The content warning at the beginning of the video was put in after long deliberation as well And deliberately screwing the quality of your release as well.
Based and Konaka-pilled. Also...imagine calling someone far right...OVER A JOKE!
If you're pirating this, you're literally supporting the illegitimate state of Israel.
Based! Also, imagine hardsubbing in the year 2021 lol.
>hardsub >this assmad and willing to misrepresent someone who you're leeching fame off of kys, in Minecraft But actually irl
Looks like the "all art is political" crowd is coping, seething and presumably dilating. Also what a stupid disclaimer lol.
Anyone going to make a version that isn't ruined with political bullshit plastered in the middle of the screen?
I just want the RAW of this thing really, it will be sad if the original version is lost because of ideological bullshit.
Now this is good.
Based. Does anyone know where I can find the RAW for this?
It's nice that everyone now knows what kind of people are behind this fansub groub, a bunch of radical left, woke trash twittards, so ye avoid at all cost this disgustic peace of shit people that call conspiracy theories the state our world is in today thx to demonRats & their army of SJW & other scum like them.
Fansubbing is NOT about inserting your own personal politics. Either translate the work accurately or don't translate it at all. And yes, you're just proving the author correct by trying to get him canceled.
@rpgmaniac Democrats are generally fine, better than republicans anyway. But these subbers are far-left thought police.
lmao "we hate what you said about us, so we're going to prove you wrong by doing the same thing you are talking about" truly npcs btw, stop falling into the illusion of choice between demonrats and republicunts
lol that's all they cried about? I was expecting Hiterlmon to show up to say he did nothing wrong and slaughter Gypomon
Posting in an epic thread.


Put my cock in the screenshot
based, they dont like when the shoe is on the other foot
btw can someone removed that false warning.thanks
Does anyone have the raws to this or possibly DigiFes 2021 in its entirety? While I understand that Konaka-san did a major fuckup by mixing alt-right politics into Digimon, there are better ways of avoiding backlash from subtitling a politically charged work than a giant ass trigger warning hardsubbed on top of your release. Please contact me on Discord at BACVelocifaptor#6969 if you have the raws, and I'll add you to the VeloEncodes teamdrive so that you can upload them there. You guys are making us Digimon fans look like absolute clowns by pulling shit like this. Good subs though, appreciate the work you guys have put in. But yeah, hardsubbing in 2021 is NOT based. **EDIT:** If you are from WildBunch or DATS btw, you can also come forward and contact me, and I'll change the subs so that they're not exactly the way you guys did them, and also I am going to restyle them, with KFX on the OP and ED. I'm going to write my own script and time it manually. but again I can't do jack shit if I don't have the raws. Many thanks.
@thecharioteermode "Major fuck up"? Literally how was that a major fuck up lmao. He called out bullshit in a thematical way.
This argument seems so quaint in the Current Year®.