[Tangmen] Soul Land / Douluo Dalu / 斗罗大陆 - 166 [WEB 1080p H264 AAC][Multiple Subtitle]

2021-08-01 04:34 UTC
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Video: H264/AVC 8bit 1080p - Ripped from WeTV (Softsub) Audio: AAC ~93kbps, Chinese Subs: English, Indonesian, Thai, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional There are 6 track subtitles track 1: English ASS - Tangmen, edited from WeTV/Official. track 2: English SRT - WeTV track 3: Indonesian SRT - WeTV track 4: Thai SRT - WeTV track 5: Chinese Simplified SRT - WeTV track 6: Chinese Traditional SRT - WeTV Insert Song: [[Soul Land][Douluo Dalu][斗罗大陆] Insert Song E158 - With You (与你) by Tan Weiwei (谭维维) [FLAC][Lossless]](https://nyaa.si/view/1401122) Opening Song: [[Soul Land][Douluo Dalu][斗罗大陆] OP3 - Break the Cocoon (破茧) by Angela Chang (张韶涵) [FLAC][Lossless]](https://nyaa.si/view/1322840) Ending Song: [[Soul Land][Douluo Dalu][斗罗大陆] ED1 - Reluctantly (不舍) by Lala Hsu (徐佳莹) [FLAC][Lossless]](https://nyaa.si/view/1322849)

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  • [Tangmen] Soul Land - 166 [WEB 1080p H264 AAC] [A4D400B4].mkv (579.2 MiB)
thanks @bex39 for the wonderful release. Tangmen release is one of the best soul land release that I found. I personally collect series and anime that I like. I would be waiting for your whole (1-166+end when comes) release of soul land :) I appreciate the wonderful people for their wonderful work
__@Yuushu__, I agree with you on that! :) I've released 5 batches myself of Soul Land which goes from 001-134 (for in the meantime ^^) As for the rest, u can download from of course bex or mine :)
@VipapkStudios I also downloaded your work. it's really great too. But I liked Tangmen better because of the video being without Chinese hard-sub (as I tend to collect a clean variant). If talking about quality, both of you have the best release ever that I saw for soul land. BTW I didn't saw your or Tangmen's batch or single from ep1 on nyaa. where is it? (link / other site!!)

bex39 (uploader)

At that time WeTV version still far behind ongoing eps, then catch up at around eps 130, currently I don't have plan releasing batch from eps 1. You can grab aharta's release for non-hardsubbed chinese
@VipapkStudios, @bex39 Hi, tell please, is it worth waiting for episode 170 from you today?