[MQS] Dragon Quest Legend of Hero Abel Episodes 36-39

2021-07-30 06:35 UTC
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The second to the last batch.. For this release, I ensured that all the subs are now synched with Element7 subs + some minor grammar fixes and re-timing for each dialogs (did all the QC). And made a changes to the episode title screen. This will be implemented on the v2 of the subs that I will release soon (as a mega batch for the whole series and with the 480p dvdrip version). Thanks again for the support and helping me reaching unto the end. With your help finding the remaining Element7 subs I completed the scrubs on these (special thanks to Marche, zman, Rowri88, also Woodus of Woodus forums). Credits to Dragon Quest fandom website for the episode title names and dragon-quest.org for the spell list names for both DW and DQ versions. And then see you again next week for the last batch!

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  • DQ - Legend of Hero Abel episodes 36-39
    • [MQS] Dragon Quest Legend of Hero Abel - 36.mkv (330.5 MiB)
    • [MQS] Dragon Quest Legend of Hero Abel - 37.mkv (330.4 MiB)
    • [MQS] Dragon Quest Legend of Hero Abel - 38.mkv (330.3 MiB)
    • [MQS] Dragon Quest Legend of Hero Abel - 39.mkv (330.3 MiB)
If you want another pair of eyes to double check the subs before the v2's, I'd help.

kryst_abegnalie (uploader)

@zman thanks man, you can check the other subs I've released (episodes 1-35) and send me an email at kryst_abegnalie@yahoo.com