(shiteater) Dr. Slump & Arale-chan 098 [4AC9AEC8]

2021-07-16 19:52 UTC
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https://shiteatersubs2.wordpress.com/ shiteatersubs presents Dr. Slump & Arale-chan episode 098 in Japanese with English subtitles. Translated by: purpleparrotking https://www.fiverr.com/purpleparrotkin Edited & Timed by: shiteaterbubibinman Quality Consultant: Nanto https://skarohuntingsociety.wordpress.com/ Special Thanks to: Amer Thanks to purpleparrotking for his spectacular translation. He’s a Japanese to English translator for hire over at fiverr, so if you’ve ever been interested in hiring a professional translator, we highly recommend him. Check out his fiverr page here: https://www.fiverr.com/purpleparrotkin Thanks very, very much to Nanto for his contributions. If you watch this episode and think, oh my, the subs sure look great! — we have Nanto to thank for that. Visit him if you will at his amazing fansub site for more extremely professional looking subs: https://skarohuntingsociety.wordpress.com/ Special thanks to our dear friend and patron, Amer, who graciously donated to pay for the translation of this episode. Without his help, this whole thing wouldn’t have been possible, so thanks from the bottom of our hearts! --- "Senbei repairs the Gravity Manipulation Device he salvaged from Tama-chan’s damaged spaceship and attaches it to the Reh Tsu Goh so that the Tsun Family can go back to China. Tsuruten and Tsunoda are thrilled, but Tsururin and Tsukutsun are sad to leave Penguin Village and their new friends behind…"

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