[MQS] Dragon Quest Legend of Hero Abel Episodes 31-32+DVD special 1

2021-07-16 07:33 UTC
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This will be a lenghty post... The Dragon Quest: The Legend of Abel series comprises of 2 parts. Part 1 from episodes 1-32 and Part 2 from episodes 33-43 (after a 4 month hiatus). This episodes numbers are from the Original broadcast of the anime. Original episode count are 43 plus one extra summary episode. Episode 32 was edited with episode 33 to become a single episode (as the episode 32 in this release) in the re-broadcast. So episode count decreased from 43 to 42. The DVD release restored both episodes to normal and also added the Legend of the Hero Abel epithet. So for this release, I've included the original episode 32 TV airing (in the "Special" folder). In the original episode 32, an old woman is telling a story to two children, a boy that looks like Abel and a girl that looks like Tiara. While not explicitly stated, it is implied that the old woman is Tiara and that all the other protagonists, except Abel, died. This part was cut on the re-broadcast episode 32 and placed some parts of episode 33 of the original TV airing. So you will see some scenes on episode 32 DVD special on the re-broadcast video Episode 32. There might be a lost in translation since I've only used DeepL translator, but did the best as I could to get the idea on what they are talking on that scene and fix some grammatical errors. For the episode 32 TV airing insert song, it used the first ending song Yume wo Shinjite by the legendary singer Hideaki Tokunaga (who also sang my favorite song Saigo no Iiwake). You can check the official MV here - https://youtu.be/c2AcM9iaPEw Special thanks to Dragon Quest Fandom for the information for the Episode 32 TV airing. And this concludes Part 1. Next week we move on to the second part of Dragon Quest- The Legend of Hero Abel. PS: the Episode 32 DVD special is the mp4 480p version on the DVD release that can be found here - (https://nyaa.si/view/1148357) please help seed!

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  • DQ - Legend of Hero Abel episodes 31-32+Special
    • Special
      • [MQS] Dragon Quest Legend of Hero Abel - 32 [Original TV Airing][DVD Special].mkv (132.8 MiB)
    • [MQS] Dragon Quest Legend of Hero Abel - 31.mkv (330.8 MiB)
    • [MQS] Dragon Quest Legend of Hero Abel - 32.mkv (330.8 MiB)

kryst_abegnalie (uploader)

@RyzakiT I've downloaded the normal episodes from a more seeded torrent linked here - (https://nyaa.si/view/1215002), also still downloading the mp4 480p file for the tv episodes on this link (https://nyaa.si/view/1148357), unfortunately the seeds are slow on that torrent link. so if you can help seed those your welcome still gonna release one batch file for the 480p mp4 files once those are ready
So I guess this episode here : (https://anidb.net/episode/22713) hasn't been found yet? Is there a raw for it?
@Marche: https://nyaa.si/view/1044127
@ninjacloud : I'm stupid, I deleted the one at the end, I meant this : (https://anidb.net/episode/227131) The fact that you even replied to my request with where it was is awesome :D

kryst_abegnalie (uploader)

@Marche Its in the same torrent batch (https://nyaa.si/view/1148357), but since its a recap I didn't prioritized that and that video has a playback issue when played on some players (incorrect headers, getting 2:23:08 time instead of 23 mins only) so I need to fix it also just like the episode 32 dvd special where I need to fix before I upload it here. Might include that on next week batch
@kryst_abegnalie : Good, will wait for it, that's the only episode I'm missing I think.

kryst_abegnalie (uploader)

@Marche We still have the Compilation movie which covers the whole series (which I think around 47 mins video). I will upload it after I'm done on all the episodes.
seed please !! or a ddl please !!