[JimmyThicc] Ultraman Trigger - Episode 01 [WEBDL-1080p]

2021-07-10 23:05 UTC
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[![Trigger-Title-Card.webp](https://i.postimg.cc/TYWPkJk3/Trigger-Title-Card.webp)](https://postimg.cc/Ln2R5LKc) # Synopsis 30 million years ago, the world was engulfed in terrifying darkness. But that darkness was sealed deep in space by the Giant of Light. His power spent, the Giant of Light sleeps in the red star, and is forgotten to time... The Terrestrial Peaceable Union hurries to gather the expert team GUTS-Select, while Kengo Manaka lives peacefully on now-colonized Mars as a botanist. However, his peaceful life suddenly comes to an end one fateful day. The darkness that the ancient civilization sealed away breathes once more! As a monster bears down on the Martian settlement, Kengo's fate leads him to a chance encounter. A chance encounter with none-other than the sleeping Giant of Light. How will Kengo's meeting with the Giant of Light influence his destiny and the destiny of Earth? The Giant of Light is reborn after an eternity. His name: Ultraman Trigger! # File info VIdeo Source: MagicStar (https://nyaa.si/view/1407320) Sub Source: The Official TSUBURAYA PROD Youtube Channel. # Thumbnails [![Ultraman-Trigger-01-mkv-thumbs-2021-07-10-17-59-55.jpg](https://i.postimg.cc/brrZNXHx/Ultraman-Trigger-01-mkv-thumbs-2021-07-10-17-59-55.jpg)](https://postimg.cc/GT0Lq5ft) # Extras If you would like to translate or re-sub this episode. Here are the .ass files with the fonts used on the styles. https://mega.nz/folder/p01iQIqQ#NU63sas9v1OWyzPUcPXI8Q

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This is more liked it. No commercials and all.
Thank you so so much!