[LRL] Yuki no Taiyou (1972) [BD]

2021-07-10 16:59 UTC
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![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/gucIxpG.jpg "Poster") # Yuki no Taiyou Pilot **Fansub**: Lateralus-Manga **Souce**: BDMV **Resolution**: 952×720 / 1420×1074 **Video**: H.264 Hi10P @ CRF 16 **Audio**: FLAC 2.0ch @ 24 bits **Subs**: English, Japanese, Latin Spanish (ASS) **Synopsis:** Based on a popular shoujo manga by Chiba Tetsuya. This pilot is remembered, really, for one notable reason: this is Miyazaki's first time as a solo director. He teamed up with Takahata for the later episodes of the 1971-72 Lupin III series, but Yuki's Sun marked his first time solely in the captain's seat. Yuki's Sun was based upon a popular shoujo manga (girls' comic) by Tetsuya Chiba which was serialized in 1963. It involves a 10-year-old orphan girl who is adopted into a family. The storyline is somewhat complex, and seems to play out like grand melodrama. Chiba's stories were more sophisticated and grown-up than, say, Osamu Tezuka, who of course was the godfather of postwar Japanese manga. (__Source__: TheGhibliBlog) **Lateralus-Manga** | **English/Spanish Subs** **Sitio Web**: `http://www.lateralus-manga.com` **Canal IRC**: `#lateralus-manga` @ `irc.rizon.net` **Note 1**: This is a reshare, since I couldn't seed the torrent that already exists on the site, so I had to resend it.

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