Kamen Rider OOO ep 28 minus "fuck"

2021-07-06 22:48 UTC
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Someone asked me for this edit, so here it is. I kept the "motherfucker" line as the alternate sub track, the default track is the edited one that just suggests he was going to say something the TV Asahi censors wouldn't want to be aired on a Sunday morning. Personally I think "Motherfucker!" is funny bc it's an unexpected escalation of profanity for a show that's on the level of mild cusses like crap or damn. At the same time, I also respect people who feel otherwise. Or maybe you want to watch the show with family members who might look askance at a sudden f-bomb. Whatever your reason, here's an option! Comparison for the curious: ![Edits Preview](https://i.imgur.com/oPAWjEU.png) [Mega link for DDL](https://mega.nz/folder/Z3wwQI6Q#P6pmOyUhyq-vqPY1owMd3Q) [Other OOO Edits](https://nyaa.si/view/1404353) [Fourze Edits](https://nyaa.si/view/1404355)

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  • [OZC-Live]Kamen Rider OOO BD Box E28 '1000, Kamen Rider, and a Birthday' [NE] [720p].mkv (862.0 MiB)
we'd better get rid of "rider" in the subs too since they haven't had a motorcycle for more than twenty minutes a year since the 80s
"Someone" has no idea what a good translation looks like. I can't believe I'm seeing this salt so many years after the fact. Amazing.
Just a bunch of dumb, pointless changes.
Hilarious! At least they kept the original subs and have the option to watched sanitized subs for those r-slurs who act like a bunch of prudish f-slurs.
Imagine getting mad over this lmao. Just don't download it if you don't like it. Simple.
the gays were afraid of "fuck" too?
"“Someone” has no idea what a good translation looks like. I can’t believe I’m seeing this salt so many years after the fact. Amazing." Ah yes, because a GOOD translation of a children's tv show that doesn't contain a curse word like this needs one...
I want to commend neckspike for being the best troll on nyaa since that dude that encoded an entire episode of pop team epic as an .str file. Godspeed you crazy diamond. Or should it be "you c-word diamond" instead.
Kamen Rider isn't new to "dumb pointless changes" and I think this is one of the fairer changes. Damn dude, almost like they want a consistent tone or something. Literally doesn't affect you and you're only bitching.
@Tsukiru the whole thing was to remove curse words and yet you are using one in the comment. bruh isn't it pathetic?