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2021-07-05 22:11 UTC
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**Video**: 1080p VBR (Amazon) **Discord**: https://discordapp.com/invite/DMK8sH5 | Role | Staff | | ------------- | -----| | TL | _Sino_| | Editing | _Rowan_ | | Typesetting| _CFMisaki_ | | Timing| _LightQuill_ | | QC | _Gonbechyan, basil_ | ### Recruitment [We're urgently looking for a translator for Pri☆Chan](https://moyaisubs.wordpress.com/recruitment/). Having translated over 75 episodes of Pri☆Chan, Sino would like to step down from his role as Pri☆Chan's main translator. We're super grateful for the work he's done. We've been easing into releasing one episode a week again and we want to keep this up. It's unlikely for our releases to completely grind to a halt without Sino, but without a dedicated translator, our Pri☆Chan releases are at risk of slowing down and causing us strain. Like we mentioned on our recruitment page, we're fine with recruiting someone who has no experience - basic Japanese language skills are accepted so long as you're equipped to work your way through unfamiliar concepts. So please - get in touch or spread the word if you'd like to lend a hand!

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  • [MoyaiSubs] Kiratto PriChan - 136 [034D56E0].mkv (826.4 MiB)

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@RinzImpulse and @Mustang86 Unfortunately the person who was seeding the episode fell asleep immediately after releasing it and none of the other staff have access to the episode. The problem will be resolved when he wakes up. Sorry for the inconvenience!
I hate it when people keep asking for seeds on a brand new torrent.
@DmonHiro 3 hours isn't brand new @Moyai thanks for info
thank you for the episode