[Ronin-Raws] Niji no Kanata e! Shoujo Diana Monogatari

2021-07-05 17:33 UTC
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The rare anime biography of Princess Diana from her birth to her early teen years. (Source: AniDB) I guess nobody did see this coming. Me neither. Yet after Kenny Lauderdale’s since redacted short notice video I seeked it out just to watch it. And God, what an awful mess was the original version. So I decided to make it into a mid-tier VHS-encode by quality. I think I kinda achieved that. There was some cropping, sharpening, deblocking, color correction and other stuff beside the normalization of resolution. I could have done better, I guess… Ronin-Raws is a casual child project of the Hungarian fansub team, Ricz/Ronin Factories, entitled to preserve and provide hardly accessible raw videos. Encode: Ricz Or you can track us on: https://lair.riczroninfactories.eu/

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So you upscaled a 240p video to 480p and made the 22kbps audio into 384kbps AC3?

Ricz (uploader)

@Tjorna And cropped the black edges, deblocked, sharpened, masked, darkened the edges, balanced the colors (the original was way too bright and bleached). So there's a bit more to the upscale than just that. https://ibb.co/Qvj0QPn https://ibb.co/sv85ksm https://ibb.co/Wtq9PHR https://ibb.co/0Z3MtyC https://ibb.co/3F5KyK5 https://ibb.co/Thn5T58 https://ibb.co/FnKn9nZ https://ibb.co/c8v6rvj https://ibb.co/XyHp8v0 https://ibb.co/ZNBPfzZ https://ibb.co/L0xhr3M https://ibb.co/JQzSVgb https://ibb.co/myknnhp
The video upscale is whatever, it's fine. But how you though doing 22kpbps mp3 > 384kbps AC3 was a good idea is truly mindboggling.

Ricz (uploader)

@Tjoma That's the part of magic which I don't know how it happened, because all I did with it was putting in MeGUI... Until I just checked my scratchpad options: keep original channel, keep original sample rate, keep original time modification, bitrate... And there came the realization (with slight "oh crap" sigh)... I just forgot to change the bitrate. :| I'm not the brightest tool in the shed sometimes.
If source audio was mp3 then you can leave it as-is.
so is this a re encode of the arr video?

Ricz (uploader)

@tonikaku I don't know. Maybe, because I re-encoded what I've found on Youtube with no credits in the description.
#lifeofanencoder. I swear all this nonsense you all talk about is mindboggling. It really is a secret handshake with you encoders.