Kamen Rider OOO minus the r-slur edit pack V2

2021-07-01 00:30 UTC
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This is a pack of episodes that drops neatly into OZC-Live's full series batch of Kamen Rider OOO. See back in the day when this aired (2010) it was subtitled by Over-Time, and they chose to use the r-slur in their subs. These are the same videos, the subtitles have just been tweaked slightly to remove that word. Made a v2 torrent to add one more episode and a changelog/explanation text file. That way if you find it later and go "wtf are these random episodes of Kamen Rider" the explanation will be at hand. Videos tagged [NSE] changed that word to another option, depending on the japanese line and what sounded good. Videos tagged [NE] have an edit for non slur reasons, detailed below. Obviously, you can take or leave any or all of it. I'm not the boss of you. I just wanted to make an option for people who do have a strong reaction to that word. OOO edits ep 9 (new to V2) 02:21 Ankh's line about Chiyoko treating him like he has "special needs" the original line is more like "why is that woman making a face like she pities me" The new line is "Explain why that woman looks at me with such pity!" ep 24 01:36 and 01:48 (baka x2) (if you're on this site you know what baka means) First line changed to "idiot", second to "stupid". ep 35 07:55 (kudaranai) changed to "foolish". くだらない means that something is stupid, insignificant, worthless, etc. ep 39 08:47 (kudaranai) changed to "ridiculous". Mega folder for DDL: https://mega.nz/folder/Z3wwQI6Q#P6pmOyUhyq-vqPY1owMd3Q Screenshots of edited lines are here: https://neckspike.tumblr.com/post/655465751437885440/kr-ooo-and-fourze-no-slurs-edit-packs-v2 Have a great day and I hope you enjoy Kamen Rider OOO!

File list

    • OOO changes.txt (1.3 KiB)
    • [OZC-Live]Kamen Rider OOO BD Box E09 'Soaking Wet, the Past, and the Blazing Combo' [NE] [720p].mkv (866.0 MiB)
    • [OZC-Live]Kamen Rider OOO BD Box E24 'Memories, Love, and the Oceanic Combo' [NSE] [720p].mkv (793.0 MiB)
    • [OZC-Live]Kamen Rider OOO BD Box E35 'Dreams, a Brother, and Birth's Secret' [NSE] [720p].mkv (875.7 MiB)
    • [OZC-Live]Kamen Rider OOO BD Box E39 'A Nightmare, a Security Camera, and Ankh's Counterattack' [NSE] [720p].mkv (806.4 MiB)
"r slur" ok retard, stop being such a pussy
the trolls prove that this is necessary lmao
Hamahaki is triggered, let's respect his sensitivities please. Are you okay, hamahaki? Do you need an appropriate adult to take you to a safe space away from this horrible torrent comment box where someone is taking slurs out of children's television shows?
@theraven2k1 there are no children in here. why bother doing this?
I swear this is why the world is doomed. People get all offended by a word.
@abu_sayyaf74 "why improve flawed subs?" lol. Regardless of whether you're offended by it, "retard"/"retarded" is cringe, dated, and not a great translation.
@csihar so, misspelled words aren't fix but slurs are fixed? ugh, retard.
This is still retarded. Fix the actual sub errors in the OZC batch that remains the only actual batch for OOO. Not waste time over one word you find offensive.
@Golden_Chimera Fix them yourself.
No. OZC should fix them. He made the commitment to make all these batches. He's the only one that did it regularly. He should fix them. Not just OOO but Kiva too.
kinda retarded ngl.
Nothing braver than being offended at people putting out a nice alternative and calling them offended in the first place. Instead of bitching, please learn some self-awareness.