[SubsPlease] 86 - Eighty Six - 11.5 (1080p) [FFBC5AF1].mkv

2021-06-26 17:20 UTC
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  • [SubsPlease] 86 - Eighty Six - 11.5 (1080p) [FFBC5AF1].mkv (1.3 GiB)
So much for special episode, is a bloody recap T_T
a stupid recap, we don't need it. =...=
We need to cancel recap culture
Season 2 have been announced, it's coming in October of this year, FUCK YEAH!!!
The show was announced to be split cour before it even begun airing lmao
Why is a recap needed at the end of the 1st cour? Wouldn't that be better suited for the beginning of the 2nd cour?
Right, you would want it to refresh you memory of what happened after a 3 month break, instead of getting the recap now and forgetting all about it when season 2 starts? But maybe it is to fill up a 12 episode timeslot? Anyway, a special would be difficult to do without it being original content. They stretched the first book thin to fill the entire 1st season (which I'm very happy about) and they even cut it short to avoid spoilers for the second season.