[LN]Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, Vol. 14 PDF&EPUB

2021-06-24 21:26 UTC
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Thanks! I just wish the pdf didn't have the annoyingly distracting bold watermarks though. And side note: they should really get an editor (that's knowledgeable of this series) for the Death March novels, because it's full of spelling/grammar errors just like in previous volumes as usual, like missing commas that change the context of a sentence, or calling the Baron Muno, a marquis during the part where Satou is in the park telling Zena of when he became a knight...so on and so forth. Not to mention continuing the erroneous mistranslations from the very start of this series, like incorrectly changing "young organisms" to "larvae." All that almost makes me want to download Adobe Acrobat Pro and edit them myself...maybe after this series ends.

Samael (uploader)

@GrammarNaz1 noted bro, but just to be crystal here i am in no way related to the official translator group aka yen press, i havent even read the series since vol 6.. just found and upload them in here i mean clearly english isnt even my first language..
@Samael I know, I'm not blaming you for the translation. I was pointing the finger at the company, yen press, which is notorious for their poor quality translations, on several of their licensed titles. That's why I said "they" and not "you." Thanks again for the upload.

Samael (uploader)

@GrammarNaz1 well in that regard i gotta completely agree with, yen press f*cked mahouka big time and they're doing it again to solo leveling, one of my personal favs, whats worse isnt their shitty translation or the fact theyre crushing little fan translator groups but how entitled theyre regarding their project release dates always delaying and shielding behind that quality takes time when we all know they have zero quality translation..