[Kaizoku] Demon Slayer - Infinity Train (BD 1080p AAC) [D9A651A7] (Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Mugen Ressha Hen)

2021-06-23 16:57 UTC
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![pic](https://i.imgur.com/zZEUPjC.png) #### Demon Slayer - Infinity Train Video - Rescale, fine dehalo, insaneAA, adaptive denoise, masked deband and adaptive grain. Additionally, dynamic grain scenes were excluded from any destructive filtering. Audio - 5.1ch Japanese qAAC Subtitles - Everything you would expect from a fansubbed release. Though the expectations might be quite high this time around. I won't say much here. Watch and judge it for yourself, and let us know how you liked it! Staff Credits - Encode: dedsec, KIRA (mini) - Translation: Official sources - Timing, Editing: dedsec - Typesetting: LoliKiller, dedsec - Quality Check: KIRA Special thanks to LupinTheNerd for sharing the JPBD, and also to Kaleido-Flax for making their release files public. In a similar fashion, everything used in the making of this release is available on the project's GitHub repository as well. This project was fun and at times [painful](https://twitter.com/not_dedsec/status/1406369387171418112?s=20) to work on, but the arc is lit and the ED hits hard. Glad we got the chance to do this. Thank you for sailing the high seas with us! [Encode Comparison](https://slow.pics/c/bB6uxggs) | [Subtitle Comparison](https://www.diffchecker.com/EGvAZmm6) | [Mediainfo](https://pastebin.com/syWkWfpq) | [Screenshots](https://imgur.com/a/oQDRP18) [GitHub](https://github.com/notdedsec/Demon-Slayer-Infinity-Train) | [Discord](http://discord.animekaizoku.com/) | [Telegram](http://telegram.animekaizoku.com/) | [Twitter](https://twitter.com/KaizokuEncodes/)

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  • [Kaizoku] Demon Slayer - Infinity Train (BD 1080p AAC) [D9A651A7].mkv (8.3 GiB)
thanks for da flames
Thanks for this release :)
Am I the only one who is literally downloading from every release group and judging which one to watch?
^ You can stop now I guess, this is the best one.
jujutsu kaisen waiting room.
>^ You can stop now I guess, this is the best one. \>no tlc xd
> no tlc translation was cross checked against the manga
because we all know official translations of manga are known for their quality xd
it is what it is > jujutsu kaisen waiting room. got some updates for that [over here](https://nyaa.si/view/1370313#com-13)
Going by that last screenshot, are all signs just using white? I take you took a l̶a̶z̶y̶ artistic approach to typesetting
The last line of yabai.vpy is an output of the source, I'm assuming that was a mistake/for comparisons?
> are all signs just using white? no, and just because it's lgbt pride month, doesn't mean everything needs to be rainbow colored > last line of yabai.vpy is an output of the source right, seems like i forgot to revert it after grabbing screenshots updated it in the new commit
poggers release
Always hype to see more groups using subkt and making their project files public
I like Beatrice over your encode but everything seems fine to me
@[SeaSmoke](https://nyaa.si/user/SeaSmoke) better than Beatrice?
Grab Beatrice encode and watch it with this sub Thanks for the release
epic release
This sub is trying too hard and not even accurate, feels like it's trying to be different just for the sake of being different at the cost of accuracy. Example of that is why would you change the flame breathing form "Shiranui" which literally means "unknown fire" and has no other meaning, to "oblivious fire"? just to be different. gonna have to pass on this sub.
@Trifelgo it literally means the same thing
^that and also because it sounds better as an attack name the best releases for S1 have way more drastic changes than this
Finally! It was worth the wait for 8 months. Thank You!
Thank you for the release, but if you guys think that unknown = oblivious, then I have to call into question your understanding of English. Oblivious = unaware or unmindful, which is usually used to describe a person or some other being with sentience that's unaware of their surroundings. Fire isn't something capable of thought and can't be oblivious. Also, Shiranui seems to be part of Japanese folklore: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shiranui_(optical_phenomenon) Unknown fire makes a lot more sense as an attack name.
first off, it was officially translated to "Unknowing Fire" so you can see where we got the word "Oblivious" from attack names should first and foremost _sound_ like attack names and "Unknown Fire" sure doesn't sound like one
Yes, I can see where you may have derived oblivious from, but as many anime/manga fans may know, official translations can be quite off the mark sometimes. I do agree attack names should sound like attacks names, but in my opinion, Unknown Fire is perfectly fine and Oblivious Fire doesn't make much sense contextually. Heck, you could even get creative with the naming, considering the history of the term and how the attack looks in the movie, and go with something like Ghost/Spirit Fire. Ok, that might not be super creative, but you get my point. Anyways, *shrugs* agree to disagree I suppose. Your work is still appreciated.
I haven't seen the movie yet so I haven't read all of the subtitle work that has been done, but I agree with ^ WaffleTiger in terms of Shiranui. The word "oblivious" has a negative connotation to it. it's like naming an attack "Ignorant Flame" or "Stupid Water" or "Moronic Blade Attack". The name just sounds so silly. You never call any person "oblivious" without meaning it to be bad or insulting, so why would you do the same to an attack name?
well well you've got a point, should've dug deeper into that one if i do come up with something better, i'll update it on the repo thanks for the feedback!
@notdedsec I personally think both the official subs and your subs are not 100% accurate either way, I do appreciate your work though. I also think the plot of demon slayer is not that deep, so it isn't a big deal, I do wonder what dialogues you were referring to when you said aniplex butchered them, because I checked both the official subs and your subs during the dialogues I found most impactful of the movie, and end of day both versions translated them well enough to get "the feels" from them. so I can't really tell how they were butchered.
@Trifelgo If you look under the header image, click the link for "Subtitle Comparison" and you can see for yourself what the difference is with a side by side comparison. I feel like Kaizoku generally made some awkward lines flow better. @notdedsec I thought about it more and I offer the translation of Enigmatic Blaze/Flame for Shiranui. Unknown =/= Enigmatic, but if you consider the origin of Shiranui as being described as "inexplicable spots of moving fire," it fits.
@WaffleTiger I have checked that, and as I mentioned, as awkward as aniplex subs are, I still did not feel like they butchered any dialogues in the movie, all the impactful and good dialogues in the movie still felt that way even with aniplex subs, I personally watched the movie first time with their subs and got all the "feels" during those dialogues, so as weird as their subs may be, I didn't feel like they ruined any scene in the movie. then again as I said before the plot of demon slayer is that not deep or complex to begin with. on another note, these "@"s don't really give me any notifications, am I doing something wrong?
those awkward dialogues are exactly what i mean when i say butchered i feel it takes away from the experience and nah, nyaa just doesn't have any notification system in place for tagging
how's this one 8GB and the one on your website is 2GB ?
^because the website is exclusively for mini-encodes
Hi! Are you doing a BD batch for Jujutsu Kaisen? THX!