[A-nextgen] Fate Grand Carnival New Year's Eve Special 2020 [60fps+]

2021-06-22 18:08 UTC
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Before to download, you can watch a example of the interpolation quality here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5DJx-PNjVg

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Not to be a negative nancy, but you weren't exactly lucky with the interpolation here. Going to judge from the OP you linked cus this has too few seeders for me to bother. Scene changes completely warp the image, repeated motion gets this weird staccato (a small pause) every half-second, and to top it off you somehow made the characters even more deformed than this show already made them????? At least the instances where a character just slides across the screen looks (relatively) smooth compared to the rest of your mess. Just some nitpicking, sorry if I'm too harsh :D. 60fps interpolation is just bad so not like you can help it.

morzr (uploader)

@Zolinator Yes, any software to interpolate video never going to be perfect, always going to have deformations. I really appreciate all comment where it indicate the problem, thanks.
I mean if you know it's not good and distorts everything, why use it (and why bother releasing it?)
@LightArrowsEXE Back at it again huh...but there's reason to bother releasing here else this inperfection and honestly water testing wouldn't have 11 seeders(atm)but you probably already know that. @Zolinator Finally a 60fps hater that actually points out a flaws in encoders encode rather that just strait up hating because it's 60fps unlike SOME PEOPLE! Cheers!