[MQS] Dragon Quest Legend of Hero Abel Episodes 11-15

2021-06-18 09:19 UTC
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Its another DQ friday. Here's another batch. Episodes 11-15. Edited spell names to match the Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior Spell terminologies Also change font style to match font style used in DQ8/DQ11 Included two sub files inside the mkv file. difference is the terminologies used in Dragon Quest and Dragon Warrior games. File Info: ======================================== Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1024x768 23.976fps [V: Japanese [jpn] (h264 main L4.1, yuv420p, 1024x768) [default]] Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 224kbps [A: Japanese [jpn] (ac3, 48000 Hz, stereo, 224 kb/s) [default]] Subtitle: Advanced SubStation Alpha [S: DQ Spell Names [eng] (ass) [default]] Subtitle: Advanced SubStation Alpha [S: DW Spell Names [eng] (ass)]

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  • DQ - Legend of Hero Abel episodes 11-15
    • [MQS] Dragon Quest Legend of Hero Abel - 11.mkv (330.1 MiB)
    • [MQS] Dragon Quest Legend of Hero Abel - 12.mkv (330.3 MiB)
    • [MQS] Dragon Quest Legend of Hero Abel - 13.mkv (330.3 MiB)
    • [MQS] Dragon Quest Legend of Hero Abel - 14.mkv (330.4 MiB)
    • [MQS] Dragon Quest Legend of Hero Abel - 15.mkv (330.3 MiB)
I think you're using the worst of the raws available tbh.

kryst_abegnalie (uploader)

@Marche I just use the raws from this one (https://nyaa.si/view/1215002), that probably came from this link (https://nyaa.si/view/1148357). I just edited the subs. Do you have another link that is better?
thaaank you. please continue the good work
@kryst_abegnalie Hi! It surely comes from the tyerggh release, but the very same torrent contains much better options (like the DVDRip.MP4.640x480 files, which are not upscaled and look way more consistent quality-wise). Please consider switching and/or adapting what you've done so far for that second raw source as well, it really makes a night and day difference! Keep up the good work btw, thank you so much for the subs!

kryst_abegnalie (uploader)

@Logusum will try to upload another batch for 480p versions (hoping there are more seeders on those so that I can download faster).