[EMBER] Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Mugen Train (2020) [BDRip] [1080p Dual Audio HEVC 10 bits] (Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Mugen Ressha-hen)

2021-06-16 18:39 UTC
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2.6 GiB
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## `Demon Slayer the Movie - Mugen Train 1080p Dual Audio BDRip 10 bits DD x265-EMBER` ___ **General** | **Video** | **Audio** | **Subtitle** --- | --- | --- | --- **File Name:** [EMBER] Demon Slayer the Movie - Mugen Train [BDRip] [1080p Dual Audio HEVC 10 bits x265].mkv | **Format:** HEVC[x265] | **Format:** AC-3+AAC | **Format:** ASS+PGS **Size:** 2.56 GiB | **Profile:** Main 10@L4.1@High | **Bit rate:** 384 kb/s+317 kb/s | **Language:** English-Signs & Songs [EMBER] + Dialogue [JPBD] **Duration:** 2 h 0 min | **Resolution:** 1920x1080 pixel | **Channel:** 5.1+2.0 | **Chapters:** Numbered **Overall bit rate:** 3 042 kb/s | **DAR:** 16:9 | **Sample Rate:** 48.0 kHz | --- --- | **Frame Rate:** 23.976 FPS | **Language:** Japanese+English | --- --- | **Bit Depth:** 10 bits | --- | --- #### *Source:* `TTGA@EMBER | Edub-TRC@PS` | *Encoder:* `EMBER` | **Discord Server Link:** [![alt text](https://imagetot.com/images/2020/05/01/daa030c392e0b198d33c643bdd1be2e4.png "Join EMBER")](https://discord.gg/ZtZXgJNc3M "Discord") #### **Weekly Release's DDL can be found in --->** [![alt text](https://imagetot.com/images/2020/05/01/f49fb3a79b507dbb6c7f2cc05856ab2e.png "Join EMBER")](https://t.me/joinchat/Use7Sg5gNVrUwTPE "EMBER_TG") ___ ![alt text](https://imagetot.com/images/2021/06/16/84fe7943a2757246679a5670117be0c9.png "SCREENS") ![alt text](https://imagetot.com/images/2021/06/16/bd65ebf9d81cde62f5ec9e0e1218b2f8.png "SCREENS") ![alt text](https://imagetot.com/images/2021/06/16/dd8546eda7d68ae2413cd5aa1d106f91.png "SCREENS") ![alt text](https://imagetot.com/images/2021/06/16/14372eaefd810b0053eea9523f48f5b2.png "SCREENS")

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  • [EMBER] Demon Slayer the Movie - Mugen Train [BDRip] [1080p Dual Audio HEVC 10 bits x265].mkv (2.6 GiB)
Hey is this the Bluray Version that was released today ?? 16 June?
@Ryuke_kun my man it clearly says bd in the title
Yo thanks a lot EMBER you always come through the high quality mini-encodes. x]
Thanks for this mate!!!
Yay! Also, you wouldn't happened to have scanned the special cd soundtrack would you?
@ShadowKingethe7 check hikarinoakariost the site upload almost all soundtrack in a anime


Thanks, I've been waiting for this.
the official Eng audio will only be release via web on 23rd. Which means, this dual copy version just mixed the Eng Stereo audio from the earlier webrip releases.
Wondering if anyone has any idea why the PGS subtitles won't display for me? I'm using PotPlayer with LAV Filters and I'm not seeing anything obvious in LAV Splitter or PotPlayers settings. I've run into this before and usually just download some different subs, but figure somebody here has to have run into the same issue at some point, and might know a quick fix.
happiness is more important than grief, thanks for this