[20210529] D4DJ D4 FES. -Be Happy- REMIX [WEBDL][5MBit/s][1080p].mkv

2021-06-04 13:31 UTC
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Live concert that was a revival of D4DJ D4 FES. -Be Happy- (canceled due to the COVID-19) The source is badly deinterlaced, and has a 5 frame cycle, in a 30fps video, but was originally shot at 24 frames, so 3 frames are good and one was split into 2 blended frames. Examples:[ 0](https://fansub.setsugen.dev/uploads/nyaa/1393890/blend/cycle_0.png),[ 1 ](https://fansub.setsugen.dev/uploads/nyaa/1393890/blend/cycle_1.png) Not much I can do at this point in time, as it would require huge amounts of work, not only to deblend but also denoise, deblock, and such. The cycle shifts after some shots, so for example, after the first ~23000 frames you also need to offset by 2 frames, and it constantly changes. ^ All of this to say sorry for the bad quality but I can't do much about it. When BDs will come out, I'll post them. Because of this there also are no chapters, which I usually make. Duration: 5h Overall bit rate: 5 271 kb/s Nominal bit rate: 5 005 kb/s Max bit rate: 6.000 kb/s Original frame rate: 30,000 FPS ### [Updates Channel](https://t.me/setsugennofansub) ___________________ [![Banner](https://fansub.setsugen.dev/uploads/nyaa/1393890/[20210529]%20D4DJ%20D4%20FES.%20-Be%20Happy-%20REMIX%20[WEBDL][1080p].mkv_thumbs_450px.png)](https://fansub.setsugen.dev/uploads/nyaa/1393890/[20210529]%20D4DJ%20D4%20FES.%20-Be%20Happy-%20REMIX%20[WEBDL][1080p].mkv_thumbs.png) ___________________ If there are any errors, you have any problem or the torrent is dead let me know either in the comments or on telegram. [![Banner](https://fansub.setsugen.dev/uploads/nyaa/1393890/banner_500px.jpg)](https://fansub.setsugen.dev/uploads/nyaa/1393890/banner.jpg)

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  • [20210529] D4DJ D4 FES. -Be Happy- REMIX [WEBDL][1080p].mkv (11.0 GiB)
Thanks for upload, quality is good enough since the online stream quality is kinda around the same quality anyway. This one really deserve a BluRay purchase when it finally come out (hopefully, they won't be segment cuts on each singles like Connect LIVE footage).

Setsugennoao (uploader)

It really does, and I'll 100% buy it.
any plans for Lyrical Lily's connect live ?

Setsugennoao (uploader)

I have plans for all D4DJ singles. With time I'll buy all of them