[ShamiSubs] Thunderbolt Fantasy S03E09 (720p)

2021-06-03 00:48 UTC
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Source taken from: https://nyaa.si/view/1391565 Credit to SubsPlease Sorry for the delay, most of you probably didn't see me saying I'd be away for the weekend and unable to sub in time on the previous episode's nyaa release page. To be fair I probably should have said something in the threads. And honestly you're better off going with DeepestBlue for consistent QC, they have a second sub track for romaji. Anyway, fonts and subs are attached in their own subfolders, for those that prefer that. I decided on using Japanese names without using honorifics, along with Crunchyroll’s translations of the Art Names for coolness factor. Enjoy the puppets~ For those wondering where the next episode is, I've decided to hold off on subbing the rest of season 3 until the BDs are out, since the alternative subs available are just flat out better with superior QC. You should go with DeepestBlue for the rest of the airing season.

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  • [ShamiSubs][2021][720p] Thunderbolt Fantasy Sword Seekers S03E09
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