[Rare] ニワトリ・ファイター (Niwatori Fighter - Rooster Fighter)

2021-06-01 19:50 UTC
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## SERIES INFORMATION ## The battle action manga tells the story of how humanity is threatened by monsters with overwhelming might called "Kijuu." As the cities are destroyed and the people fall into despair, a rooster stands up to face against the threat. It is the story of how a single rooster saves humanity. [Written in Hero's Magazine, translated] ## MANGA INFORMATION ## --All current Chapters from 1 to 7 with the first chapter front-cover and website pictures --The image is PNG now, but it was released in JPG image format, don't expect THAT much :D --It's black & white, has a few colored pages and double-pages. --It's was released officialy here every month: [Right-Click > Open link in a new tab](https://viewer.heros-web.com/episode/13933686331769601844 "Official Website for Niwatori Fighter") ## INFORMATION OF THIS TORRENT ## IMAGE --Number of Pages: Between 1 and 50 (each Chapter) --Format: PNG (Lossless) --Cropped: No (double-pages are split into two singular pages) --Copying type: Web-DL Digital --Translation: None, original language This manga was provided by "Manga Raw", I only changed the image format, added some extra stuff and shared it here ;D Website: [Right-Click > Open link in a new tab](https://jp.manga2000.com/ "Manga Raw website") ## Enjoy it guys!! /(>,<)/ ##

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@everyone Ahem, hello from the other side of the ocean. (probably) Been a long time since you last seen a sign of life from me. (probably x2) Maybe it sounds funny but I was made aware of this manga series today by a group of users who I talk with and got interested in it. After I saw that it's quite hard to actually find it complete in a good appearence, I went and searched far and wide for the RAW version of it. (since the translated one on MangaKakalot, MangaNelo and others doesn't have all chapters) NOW, translators who live in a country none except you know. Proceed to translate por favor (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

ShinMugetsu2000 (uploader)

@everyone Currently re-seeding for two days!