Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs v14 (2021) (Digital) (1r0n) (f)

2021-05-25 20:30 UTC
You can find me on Discord at AnimeIsMyWAifu#6969
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My friend 1r0nL3gacy45 is giving you guys volume 14 of Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs to enjoy. This is also updated to a better quality rip. Please see below for a message by 1r0n himself: ***Hey guys, this is 1r0nL3gacy45, aka 1r0n. The last rip was completely an error on my part because of the source I ripped from. The source was really poor which forced me to upscale it which in turn, ruined the thing entirely. I am really sorry about that. This rip however is from a completely different source and is much more cleaner and, of course, not upscaled. The splits are hand-joined by me since the pages were misaligned and was also slightly color corrected. I hope you enjoy this rip more than the last one. And lastly, thanks for notifying me about it quickly so that I was able to re-rip from a different source :D. Happy reading folks!*** ***PLEASE SEED*** ![](https://i.imgur.com/mqX5e3W.jpg)

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  • Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs v14 (2021) (Digital) (1r0n).cbz (209.0 MiB)
Thank you, appreciated. To be honest it was already enough that you shared it once; I don't quite get why people in 2021 feel the need to demand anything more afterwards, or to begin with, from the community. Yeah, I am an old fart or so it seems.
Wow, thanks for the better version.. 1r0n is great