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2021-05-23 20:28 UTC
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**Edit: Download MTBB's release. This is a hack job I put together in the absence of anything decent.** Please go see Shirobako: The Movie whenever it comes to theaters in your country. It got screwed hard by COVID and Shirobako deserves your love (and money), plus PA Works is on the production committee and actually has a financial stake in the movie's success. Now that that's out of the way, what exactly is this? Technically you could call it version 4 of the Shirobako Movie subtitles with the following changes: -Heavily TLCed and edited the script (based on Japanese knowledge, not any other foreign language release) -Added translations for the OP and ED karaoke -Added translations for character name signs -Translated some other on-screen text -Minor corrections to some Japanese karaoke The reason I didn't simply call it v4, however, is because I consider this release perfectly watchable and don't wish to confuse people by implying that it's still a work in progress. It's done. This is it. You're probably not going to see anything better until the official release comes out. *What videos does this work with?* The subtitles should be timed perfectly to the ReinForce and Nekomoe kissaten/VCB-studio raws. They are 1 second ahead on Ohys Raws. It probably works with others but I haven't tested them. Credits: Original Translation: jstnormie Editor: serpentine18, Anon TLC: Anon Honorifics: Have been left in with one exception in keeping with Cthuko/LNS style. Terminology: -Anime roles are mostly the same, with the exception of substituting "compositing" for "filming" or "photography". -Cthuko/LNS whenever possible (Meowmori, Funny thing is, Boing-Nine, 3rd Girls' Fighter Wing/3rd Wing) -The Musani original anime mentioned at the end of Episode 24, Border Town Woman (official) or Border Town Depopulation Girl (LNS/Cthuko), has been changed to Geriatricville Depopulation Girl. The words comprising 限界集落 individually mean border and town, but taken together it describes a shrinking town where over half the residents are 65 and older. In retrospect this was probably a teaser for Sakura Quest. Character naming methodology: 1. Official PA Works sources 2. Names spoken out loud (Watanabe Shun, not Jun) 3. Japanese Wikipedia 4. English Wikipedia (some names only exist on paper and have multiple potential readings) **Anyone wanting to do their own release is free to use any part of this torrent without permission or credit.**

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thanks. (edited) if you are using [this release](https://nyaa.si/view/1324320), the subs got delay -1000ms
thanks. This is MUCH BETTER. Really really thanks. if you´re using the UCCUSS release, it works perfectly. Also, i´d love to support it on theaters, but even an eventual physical release is absolutely hopeless here :((
I would definitely check this movie out at the theater. One of my favorite anime ever. Hope it can get to my country soon. Still COVID though :((
Nice work, it's good to see decent subs for the movie finally.
Finally! Worth the wait! Big thanks!
Thanks, I was just about to make another whining thread on /a/ that there were no good subs. I'll have to watch this over the weekend.
Absolute legend. Great stuff! Hope to heck Shirobako actually comes to my country's theatres. Only suggestion would be to only use italics for internal monologues. E: If anyone else is a whiny bastard like me, tick the "Subtitles -> Advanced -> Default Style" button in MPC-BE.
Good subs, except for the italics, thanks
Finally Subs Subs!!
Thank you for your work and to everyone who was involved with this script file previously. All your hard work on these subs is greatly appreciated.
Any reason why you chose the Chinese wording for the mahjong hand? lol Other than that, a perfect sub for a perfect anime.
@00:14:36, she's clearly talking about separate bathroom and toilet, I'm not sure where the kitchen came from Good subs so far apart from that
not all fonts... 🙁 (FOT-Rodin ProN DB, A-OTF Shin Maru Go Pro DB)
Wanted to ask about this too. I managed to find A-OTF Shin Maru Go Pro DB and all the others referenced in the .ass, but some of the FOT fonts are really hard to find. Like most of the time. Old font piracy tricks like "search on github" don't work here either. And FOT-Rodin ProN DB is one of those. Edit: Oh boy, I found it. Switched from Google to DuckDuckGo to circumvent censorship and found a mention of it on some Japanese forum. Couldn't read anything and clicked random links (totally safe and great way to use the www btw.) around the post mentioning it. It lead here: https://mega.nz/folder/GAwmwa4S#S8fsfVkMRa1x5WSs9NEfRg Download "fonts.rar". Extract FOT-RodinProN-DB.otf. It's the FOT-Rodin ProN DB typeface. Now that was harder than it should've been... Edit 2: Ah right, About A-OTF Shin Maru Go Pro DB. You can get that one here: https://fontsgeek.com/fonts/a-otf-shin-maru-go-pro-db
Thanks for the improved subs, much appreciated!