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2021-05-22 04:48 UTC
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![][0] **★番 剧 相 关 信 息★** **番剧名称**:斗罗大陆 / 斗罗大陆动画版 / Dou Luo Da Lu / Soul Land / Douro Mainland **类 型**:剧情 / 动画 / 奇幻 / 国漫 **集 数**:Season Ⅰ 1-26 Episodes / Season Ⅱ begins with episode 27 ,a total of 78 episodes **剧情介绍**: 唐门外门弟子唐三,因偷学内门绝学为唐门所不容,跳崖明志时却发现没有死,反而以另外一个身份来到了另一个世界,一个属于武魂的世界,名叫斗罗大陆。这里没有魔法,没有斗气,没有武术,却有神 奇的武魂。这里的每个人,在自己六岁的时候,都会在武魂殿中令武魂觉醒。武魂有动物,有植物,有器物,武魂可以辅助人们的日常生活。而其中一些特别出色的武魂却可以用来修炼并进行战斗,这个职业,是斗罗大陆上最为强大也是最荣耀的职业“魂师"。 小小的唐三在圣魂村开始了他的魂师修炼之路,并萌生了振兴唐门的梦想。当唐门暗器来到斗罗大陆,当唐三武魂觉醒,他能否在这片武魂的世界再铸唐门的辉煌? - - - **邮箱:guomanteam@gmail.com** [0]: https://s2.ax1x.com/2019/06/26/ZeAYpd.jpg

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  • [GM-Team][国漫][Dou Luo Da Lu][Douro Mainland][2019][157][AVC][GB][1080P].mp4 (793.5 MiB)
Hii GM-TEAM, I got a question. Douluo Dalu 01-04 are kinda laggy/not 100% well synced. Is it possible to re-upload those files with them being fixed? The rest of the files are absolutely fine. If not being able to upload, don't worry, it's fine. I appreciate the weekly uploads! ^^

GuoManTeam (uploader)

@VipapkStudios Does the download fail, or is there something wrong with the files?
__@GuoManTeam__, Download works fine. The files (01-04) when u play it has some weird cuts with audio that's not 100% synced.

GuoManTeam (uploader)

@VipapkStudios It should be no problem, now it is impossible to repair it, because the official has changed the source
Thanks for upload @bex39 are you going to upload sub file? I'm not into VipapkStudios scrunchies, I rather merge them myself
__@MaryM__, That kinda hurts, but it's understandable if u don't like it. My goal is to make the episodes look like "HorribleSubs" and/or "SubsPlease" because I really like their subs etc. Just so you know, the subs I am using is from bex39. May I kindly ask what it is you don't like about my version? Since you prefer bex's version I assume you don't like the Chinese Hard-Subs, correct? Also, I am encoding GM's raws because people don't most of times like big files, looks pretty good too tho my encodings. And I went for soft-subs because IZFANMADE is hard-subbing everything and I absolutely despise that. That's why I am curious why you hate mine so much >_< I remember us having a disccusion about the encoding etc. And back then you really appreciated my uploads. Pretty weird for me to read this honestly :(
__@GuoManTeam__, Yeahh it's no problem, I noticed it myself too. They cutted allot of scenes like the Suicide scene and flirting between Tang San and Xiao Wu when they were 6 years old.
Are there more big differences/cuts in the first season?
@VipapkStudios nothing personal, your encodes are okay, I have 2 teenage boys and a daughter who have consistently watched this series on Saturday mornings since 2018. at first it was haxtalks then crimson subs then a few subbers without names on Nyaa most which were consistent. This series has been plagued with inconsistent uploaders which most have there own patreon accounts now. good luck to them. Then you took over, consistent at first but you have gotten busy and understandably you have a life. when your not there they sought out other sources. thus finding Bex39's srt file early morning on GuoManTeam's page. no big searches were needed every mothers dream a quiet house on saturday morning not technical discussions over differences between compression, sans versus spidy. you do great work. all I was looking for was 6am breakfast then 30 mins of peace and quiet and a cup of coffee before i start dishes. lol That was possible when Bex39 uploaded his link here. Streaming it is possible. but like you said Quote: "hard-subbing everything and I absolutely despise that." I agree
__@MaryM__, Ahh that makes sense. I live in the Netherlands so I assume I am sleeping around that time ripp. But patience is everything! ^^ __@yunyunzongzhu__, Yup, another scene for example is Dai Mubai arriving with his Harem in the love hotel scene. Has been CUT. GM's raws still contain fortunately those scenes and I am definitely including them in my remastered version of DD!
@VipapkStudios for archival purposes I have been grabbing yours. I have on my home/work server currently 4-10Tb seagate barracudas pros and a Toshiba 10Tb X300, currently all the versions of soul land I download over last 3yrs takes up about 320 gigs. they have re-watched them few times and there are differences on the early episodes.
I'm also collecting these. Does anyone have a list of the episodes with the cut scenes? I didn't even realize there were any until I read the comments in here. My goal is to one day change the container to MKV, add ordered chapters so that I can skip the OP, ED, and in between 'commercial'. Once this completes, I can watch the entire thing without interruption.
@celerius some one may have the list, I remember early releases out on the web haxtalks, applesubs, crimson subs some of them uploaded to youtube then it became limited runtime viewing on youtube for some and patreon accounts started popping up also Animexin, Izfanmade, Kurina ... then we got country specific viewing on some sites, also lot of Indonesian and Chinese out there. Think there was even dvds of the first 2 seasons in Indonesian. now there is wetv lol. At least it is not as bad as Fox matchmaker season 10 now for it, fewer subbers for it, I gave up at season 5 or 6
Thank you @MaryM. As a collector, I think we'd want the most pristine file we can get which usually means directly from the source hence I can understand why some would want the GM-Team + the separate subtitle files. I intended to collect the YouTube/WeTV versions but now that I know there've been 'censored', I'd probably collect the GM-Team ones. For episodes 1 - 4, if there're no cut scenes, then perhaps I'll use the YouTube or WeTV ones which are probably free from glitches. I do appreciate the work @VipapkStudios has done. Chinese animation subs are at an infantile stage. Nothing like the Japanese ones. The horrible hardsubbing and re-encoding by all the current Chinese fansubs right now is like taking a photo of the mona lisa using a crappy camera then using a paintbrush and write on the crappy photo.
__@MaryM__, Ohh damn! I have a 6TB myself and now I think about it, since I've started working on Douluo Dalu, I am already at 400gb xD __@celerius__, I'm not sure all the episodes out of my head. I do know that I noticed it when I was re-subbing the episodes for my remastered version of DD. I do remember Episode 01, 06 and I think 11 to be cut. Episode 6 was a full 2 minute cut and Episode 11 was a 40 sec cut. I noticed that with the missing subs that I ripped from WeTV. GM-TEAM still has the original raws fortunately and those INCLUDE the scenes that were cut out. __@MaryM__, From all the subbers, the best one to have started has to be HaxTalks. Hard-Subs... mehh but it was accurate in terms of lines. I think now me, bex39 / WeTV are the best subbers out there yet for DD. But we're kinda unknown due IZFANMADE with his shitty begging for donations and hard-subs and garbage font... __@celerius__, Yeahh, I recommend GM-TEAM's raws too! YouTube / WeTV have not only blurred the episodes out, the compression is actually insanely bad! They made the Episodes, first 26 if I am correct, to 60 fps or something. By doing so the episodes are blurred out a little and all the details of clothes etc. are gone! Not to mention that the subs aren't even 100% synced -_- If you want to archive tons of Douluo Dalu eps then you can download my ver. or bex39's ver. We both kind of work together so it doesn't matter. People that don't know how to encode truly shouldn't even start releasing eps that are so badly done... My encodes, if I have to say myself, are 95% as good as gm's original raw file size.
@VipapkStudios Try YMDR??? Makes me so sad that they’ve quit, YMDR used to provide the best quality encoding for Chinese animation. https://nyaa.si/view/1054442