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2021-05-17 17:43 UTC
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Hello, hello. We used Netflix's TL as a base this week, which is [mostly](https://imgur.com/a/KyXVKNf) accurate. Some lines are great, while others have some loss of information that we managed to catch during editing and TLC. We were also at fault for mistranslations in the past, of course, but you guys rightfully sent those our way for us to polish our future v2 batch. Hopefully, with Netflix's script and everyone's feedback to work with, anyone who doesn't want to watch Netflix's version will have a more comprehensive release to enjoy, texting scenes included! --- | Role | Staff | | ------------- | -----:| | TL | _Sino_ | | TLC | _Sino_ | | Editing | _basil, Jes_ | | Typesetting| _Sodra, dez_ | | Timing| _Jes_ | | Encoding| _Jes_ | | QC | _Combo, basil_|

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  • [MoyaiSubs] Godzilla Singular Point - 08 (Web 1080p AAC) [DE79AE44].mkv (818.2 MiB)
Magnificent as always! Thanks!
From watching episodes 1 and 2 I got the impression that Netflix has a syllables per second restriction and truncates lines that are either spoken rapidly or too verbose.
Thank you so much!
finally this is released, thank you so much! This show was a lot diff than I thought it'd be but I wished it was a bit longer...8 ep season...oof.
It's actually 13 episodes according to AniDB.
@Demoss ah, I must have seen outdated info, its annoying cuz when a show isn't over, they'd say >12 eps when the show isn't over, or >24. I just watched ep 8 so now I feel better, was wondering how the heck they'd squeeze and rush godzilla in there...jeez....X_X
@darkchaos125 Gojira has been dere since Episode #1.. Singing..
Not sure if that's his skeleton or parallel universe gojira(s) at work....I dunno, just can't really process him singing enkan for a monster gathering matsuri, that song just seemed really random. And there's Salunga, where the heck did it just pop out from? Was it always there or was it formed by this area of red dust in the Upala research facility? Stuff like that is a bit confusing to me.
@darkchaos125 Wait for the pupa "Godzilla" to pop. Also Salunga was asleep as far as I know, kinda like dem bones. I think it was the episodes you get pictures of it where you find that part out?
Just wanna let you guys know I appreciate the work you're all doing for this anime. Hopefully you continue for a full batch release with perfectly scrubbed subs. Not too many anime fan sub groups, that don't just rip from licensed sources without fixing them, are left today. So what you all do is is really great. Keep up the good work & keep that passion for what you do burning to ensure fantastic subs.
@NodMan I'm assuming the pupa gojira is a different (same?) godzilla from the one in the underground. Yeah you're right there were pics of Salunga before we saw it climbing up.
@darkchaos125 IF my whole thought on this Animu is correct, then yes. They talk aboot using time fluctuations to make and hypothesize about "Archetype" but it's only been recently that the _Singularities_ are referred to as Black Holes. Godzilla probably just time paradoxed "My Own Grandpa" style into the past and called himself into being... Watch episode 9 (wait for _MoyaiSubs_ if your Japanese isn't too gud). It's "Gojira" but isn't...
Found one mistake in this episode. Just a typo. https://files.catbox.moe/p1ld2z.png
yeah my JP isn't too good, as for as vocab goes, so Moyaisubs do quite nicely. I sorta get it and don't, and its painful cuz of how complex and complicated everything is, I just wonder how the heck they think fans or viewers can understand all of this, like how nerdy do they think the geek crowd are lol For now all I can say is, I guess it'll make more sense as we move forward.
keep being based, netflix sucks