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2021-05-17 02:55 UTC
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  • [Over-Time] Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger - 11 [61D7E245].mkv (860.9 MiB)
yahooo overtime
Very glad to see this here. While there was some initial concern with the current state of Super Sentai/Kamen Rider fansubs, this reassures me. On the other hand, if any groups *do* give those up for real-real, I certainly wouldn't mind them putting that time and effort towards some of the remaining Metal Heroes shows, or even Ninja Captor. :)
If they are preventing the fansubs from sharing hardsubbed and softsubbed episodes then don't. Just make the script for the provided raws. It's a loophole on their demand and less effort on your part as well.
I thought you were stopping releases of Sentai and Kamen Rider? I mean why say it on your website and do the exact opposite?
@Mighty_Action_X You know it's the raws, the episodes themselves, what Toei doesn't want on the internet, right? That's why instead of Over-Time, the raws are being uploaded by Guy Incognito now. Plus they didn't get any email from Toei so they don't really have to do anything different. And adding subs to a mkv doesn't take any effort either. @DrakkhenLive Because the website is the public site that Toei will see and go after, I guess.
@DrakkhenLive That's what we call a diversion. They were intentionally vague. They just won't advertise the subs in obvious places anymore.
after zenkaiger ends, you guys are going to boycott toei or what?
Thank you! ._.
abu_sayyaf74 why the hell would they do that>?
Thanks for all.
Thank you for the subs.
out of curiosity, do you have scripts of the previous episodes that you could upload?