[OWO] Ashita no Joe - 37 ~ 40 (TV 1080p h264 AAC)

2021-05-15 15:28 UTC
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Low effort TV encode. (ivtc, deblock, edge fix, denoise, deband, adaptive grain) --- ![](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/434139618959556647/843147259478147102/39-encode.mkv_14542_00.10.06.523.png)

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  • [OWO] Ashita no Joe - 37 ~ 40 (TV 1080p h264 AAC)
    • [OWO] Ashita no Joe - 37 (TV 1080p h264 AAC).mkv (1.3 GiB)
    • [OWO] Ashita no Joe - 38 (TV 1080p h264 AAC).mkv (1.3 GiB)
    • [OWO] Ashita no Joe - 39 (TV 1080p h264 AAC).mkv (1.3 GiB)
    • [OWO] Ashita no Joe - 40 (TV 1080p h264 AAC).mkv (1.2 GiB)
Thanks for this, as always.
Thanks a lot as always, hope you're able to keep up with the uploads
Sorry if I come across as nagging, but are you still able to keep up with the episode drops for AnJ? It's been a few weeks since we've seen anything from you, and im just afraid of Joe being left in a half-complete remaster state just like the old blu ray set.
what happened? It's been weeks :(

owowo (uploader)

I was just stalling, but now that I went to do it, the .ts file for ep 42 is broken... No more Joe, I guess, time to wait for the 4k BD
Well that's unfortunate to hear. Though, if it's only episode 42 that busted, I don't think anybody would object to you throwing up any other episodes you may still have. Missing out on one episode wouldn't be the end of the world for anyone but the most fickle viewers. Thanks for everything you've done up to now. You were really doing a service to all the Joe fans out there chomping at the bit to catch this remaster. If this is the end, would you be willing to put all 40 episodes into 1 batch torrent for convenience?
@owowo: Would it at all possible to record the 3:30pm Sunday airing? I saw it on the broadcaster's official site: https://i.imgur.com/qheZV55.png Looks like they're earlier along with only 2 episodes airing each week (so they're airing 21 & 22 on June 13th). It'll take a little while until we got to 42, but at least that would give you a chance to re-capture it.

owowo (uploader)

Yes, ep 42 should be out again in August, but the problem is that it's only in 4k, which makes it a bit harder. I'll keep releasing without 42, and I'll do it in the future if I get a new cap.
@owowo That's awesome to hear. Can't wait for the next batch of episodes.
Thanks for all you have done really!!