[Setsugen] Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club 3rd Live! School Idol Festival ~The beginning of the dream~ [WEBDL][Encode][1080p]

2021-05-14 17:54 UTC
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Hi!! First ever decent encode of mine :3 #### **Edit:** #### The title says WEBDL but the filename says WEBRIP, that's because I've now noticed WEBRIP is meant for screen recordings... But I've "ripped" directly from the m3u8 stream. This took 3 ½ days to encode, i7 7700k @5.0GHz master race. \*_**Crying**_\* To do things decently I separated the planes, masked and applied heavy debanding, deblocking and dehaloing on the background, while I didn't do much (debanding) on the foreground to not lose details at all. AA and edge cleaning killed my CPU too. Then added grain for h264's encoding sake and overall the total encoding speed dropped to a whopping 2.8 frames per second. (Vapoursynth alone ~4.8fps) I've used different algorithms for live-action and anime parts. Anime parts have way more banding and also a little bit of color bleeding (how?). I tried to fix those issues the best I could. If I had a better CPU and time, I would have applied fine deblocking and such to the foreground but this is the best I can do right now. If you are a good encoder, please help me get better at this! Sometimes reading stuff isn't enough, experience counts more. ### ~~[x265 Here]()~~ ~~Soon™~~ My CPU can't handle this ~~Will take some time as I'm re-doing the whole encode, as I don't want remakes in my account, lol.~~ ### Comparisons #### [1 ](https://imgsli.com/NTQyMDI/2/3)|[ 2 ](https://imgsli.com/NTQyMDQ)|[ 3 ](https://imgsli.com/NTQyMDY/2/3)|[ 4 ](https://imgsli.com/NTQyMDc/4/5) ### [Discord Server](https://fansub.setsugen.dev/discord) ____ **Day 1**: Duration: 3h 13m Overall Bitrate: 17,7 Mb/s [MediaInfo](https://pastebin.com/Z4VZTM4B) **Day 2**: Duration: 3h 22m Overall Bitrate: 17,9 Mb/s [MediaInfo](https://pastebin.com/KqbDiGbH) ______ [![](https://fansub.setsugen.dev/uploads/nyaa/1385685/Love%20Live!%20Nijigasaki%20High%20School%20Idol%20Club%203rd%20Live!%20School%20Idol%20Festival%20%EF%BD%9EThe%20beginning%20of%20the%20dream%EF%BD%9E%20DAY%201.mkv_thumbs_450px.png)](https://fansub.setsugen.dev/uploads/nyaa/1385685/Love%20Live!%20Nijigasaki%20High%20School%20Idol%20Club%203rd%20Live!%20School%20Idol%20Festival%20%EF%BD%9EThe%20beginning%20of%20the%20dream%EF%BD%9E%20DAY%201.mkv_thumbs.png) [![](https://fansub.setsugen.dev/uploads/nyaa/1385685/Love%20Live!%20Nijigasaki%20High%20School%20Idol%20Club%203rd%20Live!%20School%20Idol%20Festival%20%EF%BD%9EThe%20beginning%20of%20the%20dream%EF%BD%9E%20DAY%202.mkv_thumbs_450px.png)](https://fansub.setsugen.dev/uploads/nyaa/1385685/Love%20Live!%20Nijigasaki%20High%20School%20Idol%20Club%203rd%20Live!%20School%20Idol%20Festival%20%EF%BD%9EThe%20beginning%20of%20the%20dream%EF%BD%9E%20DAY%202.mkv_thumbs.png) ______ If there are any errors, you have any problem or the torrent is dead let me know either in the comments or on telegram. [![](https://fansub.setsugen.dev/uploads/nyaa/1385685/logo_500px.png)](https://fansub.setsugen.dev/uploads/nyaa/1385685/logo.png)

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I didn't understand a word in that description. XD
woah, imma try downloading this and see if this will look good
I skipped your version, because the actual situation are same (bad audio mixing, VA keep forget the lyrics) and I don't wanna waste my storage for it :D Sorry for that :)

Setsugennoao (uploader)

man I wish there was a way to fix that audio
When/if this x265 version comes out, is it likely to be a smaller file size?
@Aldonistic04 no one's forcing you to download this, why bother commenting unnecessary bullshit
is there anything wrong with the audio?

Setsugennoao (uploader)

yes, but it's not because of my upload. the audio technicians fucked something up and there was echo during anime parts, sometimes the mixing wasn't correct (chunrun had to sing a lot louder than normal), and mics didn't work at some points
@YujiAri I didn't complaint and blaming the uploader. Why u so arrogant to me? Better watch your mouth yo. The uploader know it and he/she didn't bother for my comment though :D Let me tell you something. I nearly done with fansubbing of this concert, so better not say something bullsh*t if you can :)