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2021-05-09 13:30 UTC
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EN : I am encoding this anime in hevc/x265 for me so im sharing it here too ^^ The source for this episode is crunchyroll I don't have any seedbox, please consider seeding ! Synopsis (MAL) : >Every day, Naoto Hachiouji is teased relentlessly by Hayase Nagatoro, a first year student he meets one day in the library while working on his manga. After reading his story and seeing his awkward demeanor, she decides from that moment on to toy with him, even calling him "Senpai" in lieu of using his real name. At first, Nagatoro's relentless antics are more bothersome than anything and leave him feeling embarrassed, as he is forced to cater to her whims. However, as they spend more time together, a strange sort of friendship develops between them, and Naoto finds that life with Nagatoro can even be fun. But one thing's for sure: his days will never be dull again. FR : J'encode cette série pour moi en hevc/x265 donc je la partage aussi ici ^^ La source pour cette épisode est crunchyroll Je n'ai pas de seebox, merci a ceux qui seed ! Synopsis (nautiljon) : >L'histoire nous entraîne dans le quotidien d'un lycéen timide passant ses après-midis seul dans la salle du club d'art. Un jour, il attire l'attention de Nagatoro, une lycéenne en première année au caractère très taquin. En effet, cette dernière passe ses journées à se moquer de lui et à le martyriser. Cependant, entre l'intimidation et les taquineries, quelque chose d'autre commence à fleurir. [DDL](https://uptobox.com/4ffehrptw5b8) Previews : ![alt text](https://i.fiery.me/xIgyZ.jpg "Obviously not a logo") ![alt text](https://i.fiery.me/cDcZn.jpg "Obviously not a logo") Enjoy !

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