[20210130] ANIMAX MUSIX 2021 ONLINE supported by U-NEXT [WEBRIP][5MBit/s][1080p].mkv

2021-05-08 22:26 UTC
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19.1 GiB
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More info about the event [here](https://www.animax.co.jp/animaxmusix). Hope you’ll enjoy it! ## [ANIMAX MUSIX NEXTAGE ONLINE Here](https://nyaa.si/view/1320495) DAY 1 Duration: 4 h 19m Overall bit rate: 5.123 kb/s Nominal bit rate: 4.800 kb/s Original frame rate: 29,970 FPS DAY 2 Duration: 4 h 24m Overall bit rate: 5.340 kb/s Nominal bit rate: 4.891 kb/s Original frame rate: 29,970 FPS If there are any errors, you have any problem or the torrent is dead let me know either in the comments or on telegram. ### [Discord Server](https://fansub.setsugen.dev/discord) [![Logo](https://fansub.setsugen.dev/uploads/nyaa/1383503/logo_533px.jpg)](https://fansub.setsugen.dev/uploads/nyaa/1320495/logo.png)

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Hi, could you please seed this Animax Musix NextStage Online https://nyaa.si/view/1320495 ?

Setsugennoao (uploader)

Hi! It's already getting seeded by the same seedbox which this torrent is on, I tried it and it's downloading fine. Are you using the magnet or .torrent file? The latter works best for me, but I guess I'm going to upgrade from rTorrent to Deluge as I've seen people not picking up seeds for older torrents. Anyway, I'm seeding that torrent with my computer too now, so you shouldn't have problems.
Thank you Setsugennoao, i managed to get it i think by downloading the .torrent file. I will seed for awhile on that torrent i requested and this current one. Also do you have a discord where we can request seed. ? Once again, thanks for your help. Grazie!

Setsugennoao (uploader)

No problem! No, I don't have a discord server (mainly because I'm such a small uploader I don't see the need), but you can pm me @Setsugen_no_ao#6969 (It's also on my about page, the "Information" link at the top of all my torrents).
Loading at 00:23:39.105 for Day1 lol

Setsugennoao (uploader)

Haven't said it's a direct rip XD Though I removed all loading... sorry