Dragon Ball Z Original Japanese Broadcasts (Nagano Broadcasting System)

2021-05-07 23:21 UTC
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#### **Brand new Japanese Broadcasts for DBZ sourced from Nagano Broadcasting** ___ Thanks to Hkb for helping me get these through trading. **The original sources for who ripped these episodes is unknown. If anyone knows who ripped these please let me know so they can be credited for their work!!** ___ These are some pretty old encodes, but a handful of the episodes listed are actually higher quality than the current offerings for audio on these episodes. Thanks to **TeamMirolo** for helping analyze the audio to check if it was anything of worth ___ #### **Episodes With Audio Of Worth**: https://i.imgur.com/N8eiqck.png ___

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  • Dragon Ball Z Japanese Broadcasts (Nagano Broadcasting System)
    • 01-03-03_âhâëâSâôâ{ü[âïZ_E176_NBS.mp4 (372.4 MiB)
    • 01-03-09_âhâëâSâôâ{ü[âïZ_E177_NBS.mp4 (395.1 MiB)
    • 01-04-03_âhâëâSâôâ{ü[âïZ_E204_NBS.mp4 (337.8 MiB)
    • 01-06-05_âhâëâSâôâ{ü[âïZ_E125_NBS.mp4 (435.9 MiB)
    • 01-06-07_âhâëâSâôâ{ü[âïZ_E126_NBS.mp4 (409.3 MiB)
    • 01-08-07_âhâëâSâôâ{ü[âïZ_E130_NBS.mp4 (334.1 MiB)
    • 01-09-04_âhâëâSâôâ{ü[âïZ_E168_NBS.mp4 (283.0 MiB)
    • 01-10-06_âhâëâSâôâ{ü[âïZ_E128_NBS.mp4 (342.9 MiB)
    • 01-12-12_âhâëâSâôâ{ü[âï_E116_NBS.mp4 (233.4 MiB)
    • 01-13-07_âhâëâSâôâ{ü[âïZ_E205_NBS.mp4 (325.6 MiB)
    • 01-15-04_âhâëâSâôâ{ü[âïZ_E202_NBS.mp4 (369.2 MiB)
    • 01-17-06_âhâëâSâôâ{ü[âïZ_E172_NBS.mp4 (303.7 MiB)
The good old knife in the back style , trademark of DB fandom.

Venny (uploader)

@ZZZ-DragginBall-ZZZ This wasn't back stabbing Hkb. He is fine with me sharing the files. I gave him the credit and we are on good terms about it.
Judging by the descrption edit it seems to , that;s nice.
Don't care much, but thanks for sharing. DB fans now are like 30-40 yet they get all pissed over nothing. Sigh. If they need money, this isn't the place.
I don't get why there is always drama when this kind of stuff gets released. Clearly Toei and Funimation aren't interested in buying original broadcasts from fans, and all the rare stuff has already been released so no one really needs leverage for trading, so why sit on little stuff like this? It's better to get it out there in the community so someone can do something useful with it. Anyway, thanks for sharing :)
Gracias por compartir estos espectaculares videos... Colores únicos.... Se agradece amigo... Suerte
Hola venny, muchas Gracias por compartirlo, los videos de las grabaciones de la transmisión principal de japon de los animrd son muy bonitas, porque esta con muchas detalles (comerciales, trailer, sponcards y mucho mas) que bonito es ver los videos del mundo dragon ball. Ojala puedas seguir compartiendo mas videos de de grabaciones japonesas, tambien agradesco al amigo HKB por la la ayuda que te dio. ESPERO PODER VER VIDEOS DEL MUNDO DRAGON BALL de grabaciones japones de los 80s 90s en sus transmision principales ?. Espero que este torrent haga que amigos como : Animemaakuo Dougo13 Shiteatersub Anonimo Y que todos los que tengan grabaciones puedan seguir compartiendo ?. Saludos a todos desde PERÚ ??✌️