Casshan Robot Hunter / Robot Hunter Casshern OVA (High Quality)(Dual Audio) MKV [1080p] HDTVRip

2021-05-07 11:27 UTC
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![text]([1]_010214_133317.jpg) Encoded Casshan Robot Hunter into high quality MKV h.264 format with English and Japanese audio, along with English Subtitles as well. I went through this frame by frame, and fixed a lot of corrupt or bad looking frames manually. If there was a blocky, or bad frame, and there was an exactly identical frame somewhere before or after it that was not messed up, I simply replaced the messed up frame with a duplicate of the good frame. Here are some examples. (Flip through with keyboard arrows or mouse click) I also managed to remove quite a bit of leftover combing/interlace artifacts with a combination of that same method, and or a filter in avisynth. Here are some examples. (Flip through with keyboard arrows or mouse click) **Source vs Encode comparison (Flip through with keyboard arrows or mouse click)** **SCREENSHOTS** If you want updates on all of my plans, my other uploads that cannot be uploaded to nyaa, or to chat with me and others, feel free to join my discord community.

File list

  • Casshan Robot Hunter
    • Casshan Robot Hunter - 01 - Return From The Myth [DarkDream].mkv (3.0 GiB)
    • Casshan Robot Hunter - 02 - Journey To The Past [DarkDream].mkv (3.2 GiB)
    • Casshan Robot Hunter - 03 - Blitz On The Bridge [DarkDream].mkv (3.4 GiB)
    • Casshan Robot Hunter - 04 - The Reviver [DarkDream].mkv (3.4 GiB)
Does this have the original strobing scenes? The other rip I found changed it