Grappler Baki The Ultimate Fighter OVA (Dual Audio) MKV DVDRip (V2)

2021-05-06 05:11 UTC
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![text]( Encoded Grappler Baki - The Ultimate Fighter into high quality MKV h.264 format with English, and Japanese audio, along with English, Subtitles as well. In this V2 version, I reduced the white noise hissing in the audio, so it sounds much clearer. That way when there's silence, you don't hear a hissing noise, or it is much less audible to your ears. Had I noticed the amount of white noise hissing in the audio, I would have fixed that earlier. It wasn't too horrible in the English track, but it was terrible in the Japanese track. I also made one subtitle correction. The video is the same. Source vs Encode comparison (Flip through with keyboard arrows or mouse click) **SCREENSHOTS** If you want updates on all of my plans, my other uploads that cannot be uploaded to nyaa, or to chat with me and others, feel free to join my discord community. **I am trying to get ahold of the 2001 TV series 12 DVD’s. If anyone can help me get ahold if it, I may encode that series as well.**

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DarkDream787 (uploader)

@Nokou (This a reply to your comment from the previous upload) Yeah, I heard it was probly the best representation of Baki so far. I really liked this, now that I have seen it for the first time. That stuff was somewhat brutal with the blood and damage done to people. It was more than I expected to see. People fighting with broken and shattered bones hanging out, limp limbs from bones being broken or dislocated, and seeing arteries, and optical nerves ripped out in the way they were was pretty cool. I really didn’t expect it to get so graphic. If the anime series that came after this is anything like that, I want to see it even more now.
legendary english audio "I'M GONNA CUT YOUR CORDS"
@DarkDream787 im glad you liked it... thanks for the share