Kanojo no Imouto to Kiss wo Shita [LN ∼ v01-02] (I Kissed My Girlfriend's Little Sister)

2021-05-04 15:37 UTC
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![Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/KsqK2zK.jpg) Title: Kanojo no Imouto to Kiss wo Shita / I Kissed My Girlfriend's Little Sister Author: Misora Riku Illustrator: Saba Mizore Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School Life Translation: [Zetro Translations](https://zetrotranslation.com/) --- > Hiromichi Sato has been dating Haruka for a month, and their relationship is quickly heading in a good direction. But one day Hiromichi’s parent announces they’re remarrying and he’ll be getting a new step-sister. When he meets her, he’s shocked to see that she looks exactly like Haruka. No worries, though — they’re totally different people. They’re just twins, each one living with a different parent since the divorce. Certainly nothing to worry about. It’s not like there can be any wacky misunderstandings brought about by living with your girlfriend’s identical twin, right…? --- Update: added vol 2. Step-NTR shenanigans continue. For some arcane reason the translator in the 2nd volume censored VERY OFFENSIVE words such as "breasts", "ass", "crap", etc. So I decensored them.

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Looking good :)
Thanks for restoring the text. It's weird that translators want to sanitize the stuff they're working on.
sounds like a retard is translating this. Why bother with ecchi titles if they can't handle such trivial shit like "breasts"
Thanks for adding the series info in the description
ah. Fan TL'D. kinda scared to read something that might get dropped suddenly. still gonna dl tho

HowUnfortunate (uploader)

Currently volume 3 isn't even published in Japan so the translation is caught up. Hopefully it won't be dropped it's a fairly fun series to read (considering the bar for LN romcoms is abysmally low)