Detective Conan - OP 07 [480p][Textless][Uncut][Fabrebatalla18-Lyswh][Creditless]

2021-05-02 19:46 UTC
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**Source:** A secret makes a Fabre, Fabre **Video:** h264 CRF 10 **Color:** 10 bits **Edition:** Fabrebatalla18 and Lyswh **Audio 1:** CD Audio Cut down to TV Size **Audio 2:** BD Audio (Treasured Selection) + Instrumental (For Conan's voice) - TV Size **Audio 3:** BD Audio (Treasured Selection) Episode 176 - TV Size Note: Basically, there isn’t any good textless DVD, and from Fabre’s releases, the only Textless available was a Thai R3 DVD, that basically, doesn't look any good, so here’s this “new” video, but we can’t tell where's the video from, I’m sorry, but you ![]( "Need not to know") :P *** #### Some screenshots: ![]( "Screenshot 1") ![]( "Screenshot 2") ![]( "Screenshot 3") ![]( "Screenshot 4") ![]( "Screenshot 5")

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could u plz share all openings and endings in juat one turrent file till now?? Thanks
Can you please make a animax logoless rip of live spectacle Naruto song of akatsuki?
so is that "secret source" will be able to deal with the rest of the first 10 OP's(you mentioned in the past that it's impossible to process them to creditless like the new ones) or is this a one time thing only? haven't lost hope on seeing OP2 NC!
That source is on internet for years, just search for DETECTIVE CONAN NCOP on google
@chinpokomon Its only for OP7, yeah sorry haha @sts115 nope, this wasnt on internet before you smartass
Lol dude why don't you search on google? You will see it was uploaded years ago. In fact there are two versions.
@Sts115 This, version, this QUALITY of the creditless OP07, wasn't ANYWHERE, it was private man, it's nothing officially released.. Now tell me OP42 is creditless anywhere else, yeah (and with this quality),
ok ok but why didn't you uploaded the vob source? encoding reduces quality.
@Sts115 The original isn't VOB, can't tell much more, but yeah the original can't be public, or some people could be in troubles, IDK if ya get me ^^ Though CRF10 it's pretty good, so yeah, I don't think that's a big problem.