[Moe] Tensura Nikki - Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - 04 (1080p) [321F60C8].mkv

2021-04-29 12:31 UTC
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#### **Source** : WEB | **Title** : Tensura Nikki - Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken *** #### Note: - Minor edits to the official subs for consistency like removing `-san` in "Treyni" (adding miss when Rimuru is addressing her) and `-kun` in "Shion" and restyle the font (’ᴗˉ✿) - Added `Closed Today` sign when Gabiru's in the bar with Benimaru while fabricating memories about his little sister. (•́‿•̀✿) - Added some typesetting for "Slime Diaries` sign (and also fix some provided by official subs), ~~Actually, there's nothing really to TS, in this ep~~ (╥﹏╥) - Yes, this release has OP and ED Subbed ~~(This time I didn't forget to add the romaji like i did for ep2 eventho it's v2 kek)~~. I think the song is good, you shouldn't really skip it. - Added chapters for convenient purposes and Remember Rimuru is round, so Rimuru = ~~watermelon~~ Cute! ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) *** #### Extra: #### Please note that i really recommend you use MPV Player to play the video so you won't have any issues! #### CRC Patch if you have any issues with playing the file. Download the patch [here](https://anonfiles.com/dc89Idt9uf/CRC_V2_zip) #### How to use the patch : download → extract → drag the old file to the extracted folder `(make sure you don't rename the old file) `→ run the `.bat` → done

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  • [Moe] Tensura Nikki - Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - 04 (1080p) [321F60C8].mkv (1.4 GiB)
File seems corrupted. Rechecked torrent twice and it still says download is 100% intact, yet the file fails CRC check and is unplayable. 1152646E => 321F60C8 found in filename

Gabrieltenma (uploader)

[@ChaoXide](https://nyaa.si/user/ChaoXide) The file is fine, i just downloaded from this release. but it does have wrong crc hash. sorry about that. I’m testing with MPV btw. What’s your player?. Anyway, if you still can’t play the file, use the CRC patch above. thanks for letting me know! (❁´◡`❁)
I'm using mpv. Oddly even Icaros was unable to create a thumbnail of the episode. In any case the patch seems to have solved the issue.
Patch fixed this for me too, thanks.