[Arid] A Silent Voice v2 [Dual-Audio][BD 1920x1036 x264 FLAC DTS-HD MA]

2021-04-28 17:35 UTC
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**v2 Notes:** v2 adds Kametsu subtitles as the dialogue is superior to the edits that nedragrevev made in the dialogue. A patch can be found here for the original file "[Arid] A Silent Voice [A6715254].mkv": https://files.catbox.moe/jh6ifk.zip **Original Description:** | __Sources__ | | |---|---| | Video | D-Z0N3 | | Audio Track 1 | Japanese 5.1 FLAC 24-bit | | Audio Track 2 | Japanese 2.0 DTS Headphone:X | | Audio Track 3 | English 5.1 FLAC 24-bit | | Audio Track 4 | Silent (No Dialogue) 5.1 FLAC | | Audio Track 5 | Japanese Director's Commentary 2.0 FLAC | | Subtitle Track 1 | English [[Kametsu]][3] (jpn) | | Subtitle Track 2 | English (Honorifics) [[nedragrevev]][1] (jpn) | | Subtitle Track 3 | English (No Honorifics & Western Naming Order) [[nedragrevev]][1] (jpn) | | Subtitle Track 4 | Signs/Songs [[nedragrevev]][1] (eng) | | Subtitle Track 5 | Commentary Subtitles (jpn) | | MediaInfo | https://pastebin.com/mx9qeNFt | **Credit to [hydes][2] for being the source of everything in this release (minus the video/subtitles).** **Notes:** This is **A Silent Voice** with D-Z0N3 video (encoded from ITABD) and lots of audio tracks and subtitles. The DTS Headphone:X track is apparently really good but it can not be changed to FLAC or its surround data is lost so that is why it is left as such. The [nedragrevev] subtitle tracks were based on Kametsu and built upon more for the subtitles. The only other thing to really note is that the commentary subtitles are PGS (straight from the BD). Any comments, questions, errors or concerns: leave a comment below or message me on discord. ![](https://files.catbox.moe/0l5157.jpg) [1]:https://github.com/nedragrevev/custom-subs [2]:https://nyaa.si/view/1340528 [3]:https://nyaa.si/view/983165

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Can you give an example of why the kametsu is better?

Arid0914 (uploader)

nedragrevev: ![](https://files.catbox.moe/63yimv.png) kametsu: ![](https://files.catbox.moe/8mcy8u.png)
Thanks for the release :)
Thx for the release i wonder if there are kametsu subtitles with honorifics and eastern naming order if its not already?
Nevermind i'll just use the updated nedragrevev subs from github.