[PopcornPlease] Kimetsu no Yaiba - Mugen Ressha-hen (Mugen Train The Movie) (1080p) [74EF0A7B].mkv

2021-04-27 11:51 UTC
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Recorded from PlayStation Store by some anon from /a/, remuxed. Includes official subs.

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  • [PopcornPlease] Kimetsu no Yaiba - Mugen Ressha-hen (Mugen Train) (1080p) [74EF0A7B].mkv (4.2 GiB)
I wanna give a huge shoutout to the PS Store intern that blessed us on this great day.
Careful. He's a Hero.
glorious day in history shoutout to that PS Store Intern
Remember to thanks the intern at the PS Store for the release!
For anyone who doesn't know: It's available on PlayStation a few hours ago, and this is not the BD version.


A thought for the intern who is now fired, RIP
ouwshit this is fast as FU
Is this legit? Thank you!!
Thank you for this! Is this WEB-DL or screen recorded?
bro I just bought tickets to go see this movie with friends today and this happens
@09kkthxbb screen recorded
Is this 5.1 or just 2.0? Judging by the filesize I'm assuming just 2.0.
It's fucking terrible quality.
Thanks. I hope that one day they'll learn how to properly distribute anime movies worldwide, and that we don't have to wait 6 months every time.
You've been acting sus the whole time.
@glordit better than camera version, I'm taking this any day
what about the quality guys ?
its best so far if you ignore camrips (cause really who watches theses?)
Why is this torrent not working for me?
i bought the sub and dub on psn and they took it away and my money big sad
Wait for a proper rip at this point, shouldnt be long
There isn't going to be a more proper rip than this, because the DRM on PlayStation Store is big edit: it's almost a wonder that we got it ripped somehow with this DRM on Playstation
> Leaks are also not subject to any resolution limits. Demon slayer mugen train 16k 120fps HDR 7.1 audio best quality when
The quality is good enough to watch if you can't wait. I'll wait for the BDs, however long that takes though.
@12049774024071240 it's not ripped it's just a screen grab/recorded.
there it is lmaoo
some screenshots for quality! imgur.com/a/w3wz4fx (no spoilers!)
English Hardsubbed [Mediainfo](https://pastebin.com/raw/syzWJq61)
was made private then public again ? xD
does this have malware? Someone said on reddit: Antivirus detected a file called Wacapew.c which, after further research I found out can be a hook for ransom device blocks I personally checked with Malwarebytes and Windows Defender and could find nothing.
so how is a mkv protecting us from injected malware? This was made private for a few minutes. I suppose it had to have a reason.
"someone on reddit" it was on reddit so it must be true
Video quality is dull. Brightness is low. But better than camrip you can still watch this. If you can't wait for BD.
captured from a screen, not ripped, the bitrate is low and it looks blurry
That Sony employee is gonna get fired for sure... RIP.
just put it through waifu2x and a 60fps interpolator, will clean it right up
can't wait until somebody throws this through Topaz Video Enhance AI!!! /s
waifu2x every frame could unironically clean up any bad quality tbh but stop doing this 60 fps nonsense lmao
can someone upload it to mega again or any other site, i need a direct link plz
So no malware?
Someone's getting fired.
And it ain't the shield hero.
And maybe more :S
@wokkie no malware. i scanned this with multiple different AVs and they all came back clean. also i highly doubt someone could engineer a malicious video file of all things and release it in such a short amount of time. the only way i could see a virus being put into a video file like this is if there was some sort of exploit in decoding that would allow for code execution
ppl who interpolate shit to 60fps should burn at stake and the person responsible for this leak will see a bill with few more zeroes than his bank account can hold XD
>believing leddit this recording itself was done in 60fps
@cosmic yeah i also thought that
Does anyone know if Kaleido is subbing this movie?
no, Kaleido won't sub anything more of this
Can anyone rip these subs? please
@luannbr ocr them
bless the employee also i need to watch the anime soon any good subs
wow , the quality is worth watching better than waiting for more than month and there will be no noticable difference
damn thats fast


god bless you sony intern. i hope you don't get fired


thanks a bunch!
Simply phenomenal, bravo Sony
Thanks! Now waiting for the BD
last time I watch on cinema I got disrupted by some kids. NOW ITS TIME HAHA
Anyone have a screenshot of the quality of this one? That’s all I wanna see before getting my hopes up
idk if i wanna settle for this leak when the blu ray rip is less than 2 months away. especially when i was seriously considering copping tix with friends just yesterday. still great to have tho, thank you
@Shadowdra126 Here you go buddy https://prnt.sc/125gd2a ![Hope y'all enjoy it](https://prnt.sc/125gd2a)
I mean. For an early leak and not having to go to theaters. That’s not awful quality…
RIP the Sony employee that made it live.
Snoy on suicidewatch
This is what you get for censoring games Snoy!
you all need to get some standards :D
bruh when you import it on AEGISUB audio its not sync. how am i supposed to sub this in another lang?? ?
just finished watching, quality was decent for someone who's desperate for the movie. it felt like it night light was on tho S1 BD: https://postimg.cc/4KfvT6c4 This version: https://postimg.cc/QFs1pQ0g
The quality is not nearly noticeable enough to ruin it, and you can just tinker with your display settings a bit if you want it more proper. The audio is a bit of a letdown, but overall, good stuff
Is this legit?? YEAAAAA
This is legit guys, it was ripped from ps store before Sony took it down. Wasn't supposed to be out till June. this is a win for us
hardsubbed, damn... i want softsubs
yo should i worry bout black marks on this one? kinda a high profile download :o
Jesus people be bitching about how the quality is bad. Stfu if you have so much time to just complain you also could acquire it urself!
@medofekry111 There is extremely noticeable artifacting any time any breathing technique is used lol
they couldn't use hacked ps4 too get better version ?
Owh nooo.... Nesha bae on fire
People expecting more of a web version is laughable, watched it on my tv and it looked great.
oh god ppl are still complaining when a dude a sacrifice himself for this
poor Sony bad with their content management. That's why they region lock shit out of everything.
Over 100 comments… Chill out, people. It’s just a movie. There’s really nothing to go crazy about it.
\>quality is good and comparable to BDs God, just goes to show what shitty rips all these leechers expose themselves to
Just finished watching it. I had to come back and register just to thank the uploader ^_^ A must-see movie!
Bye Bye, nyaasi
n/a/ruto moment
/me waits for Kaleido-subs hai Raito-kun.
@LightArrowsEXE what are indications to tell what is a quality rip from a bad rip, to the knowledgeable users such as I? if you don't mind sharing some tips
GG sony employee for uploading this. Just got it on my PS4 and even though they removed the movie you still have it on your library somehow. Bluray is better though
A:10 V:10 THANKS YIFY Audio is compressed as all hell and sounds like a vorbis encode circa 2004. The video is as insanely blocky. [Anime4K](https://github.com/bloc97/Anime4K/) with Perceptual Quality and Deblur filters kind of makes the video watchable. Comparison available here ( https://www.screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/13436/ ). Doesn't really fix the blocking but at least makes it look less like Vaseline was smeared on the screen. Still pretty happy this was leaked it's better than nothing or a camrip I suppose.
thank you but i feel like it´s 720p not 1080p. dunno if im the only one who sees that ...
Best version right now? :)
There is a better version
Really good quality, shoutout for fast upload and to the PS intern.
Stop complaining on its quality. It's better than nothing.
God bless intern ANON!
What a pleasant surprise. Looks good enough to me.
history was made. God bless to that sony employee?
I ve seen the movie but i am gonna watch it again ,lessgoo
RIP that intern's job...his/her noble sacrifice will always be remembered.
Autists complaining about quality, damn.
highest seed on nyaa si, im proud of this community
Hey, it's unrelated but does anyone know a good torrent with high quality for Breaking Bad?
@player707 try this https://1337x.to/torrent/4785206/Breaking-Bad-2008-Season-1-5-S01-S05-1080p-BluRay-x265-HEVC-10bit-AAC-5-1-Silence-QxR/
Thank you so much :))))))
Excellent movie, the last 30 minutes were insanely good. Thanks again!
Don't mind me. I'm just here for the memes.
_May Allah bless the uploader and the Sony intern_ And may you ingrates be grateful for this contribution, for there is a saying in Islam: ![alt text](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/95/2d/ae/952daeea3fc5910e88760c959d6e4286.jpg) **Inshallah** ☝️
Hey Noro, Allah here. Please stop using my name everywhere, it's absolutely haram. BTW I won't be giving any blessings to thieves.
@CarGarZ you haven't seen a lot of torrents on nyaa then
@Maaza man you're the GOAT ! Thnx
I think this section page of nyaa can be estimated 10 billion dollars by a mistake of sony. LOLOL THANK YOU SONYY~~ ???? Have fun with 10 billion dollar ticket~ HAHA
Help! I can't download it using qbittorrent. it is getting stalled and a message pops up: "An I/O error occurred..." or something.
ask for assistance in qbittorrent's forum
why it's a hardsub with mkv format that so stupid
it's screen recorded off of a ps4 what did you expect
> pentakillv1 that usually pops up when your storage is full
webrips like these are fine imo, its the cinema cams, that should have been banned from torrents, its piss quality / audio and yet they have balls to upload them..
People need to stop seeding this and download one of the stream rips with actual softsubs.
||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ENG HARD Sub ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
How to download this subtitle? I already have raw.
@RatanaJr You can download from anime tosho
@Ali3652 I didn't see their subtitles Can you give us the link?
Oh god people are still releasing hardsubs? lol
Lol. People are desperate for this movie.
I was comparing this to another torrent and this looks more 720 than 1080 BUT compared to other 1080 torrent, this one doesn't severely stutter. hmm
Guys, does anyone know where I find Yu Yu Hakusho JP's DVDISO? please if anyone knows answer here please
wtf happened to the seeds
why is no one seeding
Why does the original uploader don't get any credit but someone else does
@LittleKarl cause nobody knows who is the original uploader
@AbdallahMehiz I know
Thank you so much. It will be pleasure from now on.