Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours - Is Everyone Ready ~One, Two, Sunshine!!~ [720p h.265]

2021-04-27 00:02 UTC
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**All credit for subtitles and original files go to [Team ONIBE]( and their amazing team that brought the original TLs to us.** Time for a throwback! I've had the early lives planned for re-encoding for a while, but was never able to get around to it. I've finally completed re-encoding this one, though. Off the bat I wanted to offer a 720p version for those of us that are bandwidth/storage space limited, and although it wasn't as small as I was hoping it'd be, it's a sizeable difference when compared to the original. Playback has been tested on the latest versions of VLC Media Player, MPV, and MPC-HC as of April 26, 2021.

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Is this from this one? I think I've confused myself @_@;; The love live wiki says there was a 3 song+talk event in early 2016 (I think they screened parts of this event at their panel at Anime Expo in 2016), and a 8 song mini live in Dec 2016. Did both of these get subbed? It looks like I've got 3 different versions of the mini live, thinking they were different events. You've put up 2 different sizes of both of these events?

incorgnito (uploader)

Yeah that's the same event. ....I really should link back to the original in my comments, shouldn't I?... This release is their first stage performance from January (Team ONIBE's original blog post about it is here -> And yes! There are 1080p and 720p versions of both this live and the Christmas mini live from later that same year.