[Arid] Spirited Away [Dual-Audio][BD 1920x1038 x264 FLAC]

2021-04-24 17:09 UTC
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To be superseded by the hydes release that will come *eventually*. I recommend this release (or a remux) until then. --- | __Sources__ | | |---|---| | Video | [[REVO]][3] | | Audio Track 1 | [[REVO]][3] (Japanese 6.1 FLAC 24-bit) | | Audio Track 2 | [[deanzel]][2] (English 5.1 FLAC 24-bit) | | Subtitle Track 1 | English [[REVO]][3] (jpn) | | Subtitle Track 2 | English [[niizk]][1] (jpn) | | Subtitle Track 3 | Signs/Songs [[REVO]][3] (eng) | | Subtitle Track 4 | Signs/Songs [[niizk]][1] (eng) | --- **Notes:** This is REVO's release with the English audio from deanzel's release. Also includes niizk subtitles. [Video Comparison][5] | [MediaInfo][4] ![](https://files.catbox.moe/brlzdn.jpg) [1]:https://nyaa.si/view/72589 [2]:https://nyaa.si/view/709787 [3]:https://nyaa.si/view/593617 [4]:https://pastebin.com/nPukbT1f [5]:https://slow.pics/c/ALIAhsQf

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https://slow.pics/c/deId0qNL revo vs. coalgirls vs. ctrlhd i think i like ctrlhd the best but what the fuck do I know. the black bars are pretty cringe tho
Forgettable film. Never understood why people gave so much follow to this. Probably because of the pretty colors. Revo and ctrlhd are virtually identical, if you zoom in it seems like revo has less noise, but if I have to zoom in to understand which one is better then it doesn't matter anymore. Obviously I can't judge how they look outside of static frames and during action scenes.
another great release

Arid0914 (uploader)

thanks appreciate the kind words baws
FLAC is good, but I can't understand one thing, why it's in x264 in 2021 release. Almost total 19 GB is little big for the movie and I think with x265 size can be reduced to around 12 GB, what would be perfect.