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2021-04-18 01:03 UTC
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Retimed, Typeset, Removed logos. Enjoy! Source: SubsPlease/Funimation. In case anyone's wondering, yes Sleepy Princess is still coming. The QA process was delayed, but I will be releasing it "soon". I'm also in the middle of the QA process for Last Dungeon, all the episodes are otherwise done, and I'll be releasing that as a batch too. Let me know if you see any glaring mistakes. You can contact me on Discord at Swiftarm#8616 EDIT: Just realized that I messed up the chapters. Future episodes will have chapters.

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  • [AtlasSubbed] Full Dive - S1E01 [A73A7AF5].mkv (1.2 GiB)
Thanks! >yes Sleepy Princess is still coming and thanks for not forgetting about this too lol.
How do you remove the logos?

the_swizzler (uploader)

FFMPEG. I tried finding a way to do it without completely re-encoding the video, but it seems impossible since Funimation/SubsPlease doesn't have a key frame right at the first frame after the logos. So I consulted with an actual encoder to see what kind of settings I could use to minimize any damage to the quality of the video.
I see. Have you tried the splitting function of MKVToolNix? I have used that and it seems to spilt the file into logo part and non-logo part okay. I didn't noticed any missing frame for other funimation videos.

the_swizzler (uploader)

I'll give it a try, but I'm pretty sure last time I tried that it splits on Keyframes, so it doesn't allow me to be exact.
You are right, it does split on keyframe. https://gitlab.com/mbunkus/mkvtoolnix/-/wikis/Splitting-imprecise. I guess the files I used were just luckily had keyframes quite close at the right areas.