[kahsfafs][ラノベ] 黒鋼の魔紋修復士 全13巻 【合本版】 (epub) / [Light Novel] Kuro no Hiera-Glaphicos v01-13 (Omnibus) (epub)

2021-04-17 01:30 UTC
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![](https://rimg.bookwalker.jp/2625922/frDGCemG5kX9EBY8IrbThQ__.jpg) **あらすじ** “神聖同盟(リガ・サントゥレアール)”に12人しかいない、憧れの“神巫(ドミナス)”に任命された少女ヴァレリア。しかしその美しい肌に刻まれた“魔紋(ヒエラティカ)”を委ねる紋章官(ヒエラ・グラフィコス)は、よりにもよって男、かつ超性格の悪い少年ディミタールだった。純潔の肌を男にさらす乙女心と、各々の立場から対立してしまう二人だが、そんな彼らに初仕事となる任務が与えられる。それが“贖いの主”たる神、レドゥントラを巡る壮絶な争いへ続くとも知らず……。妖艶な“紋章魔法(ヒエラ・マレフィカ)”が世界を彩るファンタジーアクション! **Synopsis**: Valeria was recently appointed as an esteemed Dominas, one of only twelve in Riga Centorial. However, she couldn't have imagined that the Hiera-Glaphicos who'd care for every aspect of the Hieratica on her beautiful skin to be Dimitar, a boy with a lousy personality. Despite her reluctance for a boy to touch her fair skin and the many difference in opinions they hold, they are nonetheless entrusted with their first mission. Little did they know that that was just the beginning of a fierce battle surrounding the God and Master of Atonement, Reduntra... Color the world in this Fantasy Action! https://mega.nz/folder/394RhIxZ key: luIziA7y-s3YVRWL6tdQmg

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Could you please upload 【合本版】風の聖痕+Ignition 全12巻 - Kaze no Stigma epubs? That would be awesome.
If you're looking for the raws, there's already jpgs available if you look for it. Otherwise, maybe I'll get it someday when it's on discount.
Thanks so much for replying - Yes, I have the jpgs but they're a b*tch to go through without Rikai-chan. That's what makes epubs amazing. Thanks anyway for all the series you are uploading.
dunno if you take requests but would be nice to have epubs for 東京レイヴンズ, everything up to vol 20 is 50% off atm
I don't usually buy books which I can find online, but we'll see if there's any further offers during this period.
Thanks for the uploads. Are you getting these from bookwalker/rakuten? Bookwalker's 読み放題 service seems pretty good but a shame their DRM isnt easily crackable (hell i don't even know if its actually possible to dedrm their stuff)