[Sootery] Shadows House - 01 [1080p][A862F387]

2021-04-16 00:37 UTC
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It's! Shadows House. Encoding: Kageru Translation: Simulcast, Yon (ED) Timing: Olivo28, Olivo28/Flower/arcologue (ED) Editing & Typesetting: arvon2 Translation Check: Yon Song Styling: Flower/arvon2 QC: Bunny/arcologue Recruiting: Flower Default subs are localized (Miss Kate) and secondary subs are unlocalized (Kate-sama)

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  • [Sootery] Shadows House - 01 [1080p][A862F387].mkv (514.7 MiB)
Thank you very much!
>Default subs are localized ? Why make the inferior one default?
>Why make the inferior one default? That's just your opinion isn't it? Would be funny to see you rage about when even the remaining ones stop providing unlocalised/honorific track
leave it to honorifics fags to even whine about the default tracks
wtf they turned kuro into an anime?
\>localised turning yen into USD dollaz of the united states of the U.S. of America i see what's next, using fahrenheit instead of celsius and 6 hotdogs per alligator
lol... i thought that inversed letter writings on preview is part of the anime... it is just a added subtitle...

arvon2 (uploader)

domo_kun, that text is a translation of the text that appears on the book in the ED (the scene where the pages flip). It's a summary of the episode and a preview of the next. It didn't seem like it was meant to be easily read since the text was all warped and the pages aren't shown for long, so that was our solution to it.
> Why make the inferior one default? that's why the track order is what it is
it's literally impossible to read though lol
@ninjastarforcex and others bitching about honorifics: The series takes place in a Victorian English setting, not Japan. Using English honorifics in an English setting is not "localizing," it's the most correct possible translation. You can also see this in the JP of the original manga, where honorifics besides -sama are almost never used. Demanding Japanese honorifics makes sense for a series that takes place in Japan, observes Japanese social norms, in which the characters speak according to Japanese custom; calling someone "-san" in JP has very different connotations compared to calling someone "Mr." in the West, so it makes sense not to localize these particular honorifics. What does not make sense is to demand Japanese stylings in a series that is very clearly not making use of Japanese stylings.
don't drop it please
Working on it :3
Thanks for the amazing subtitles!! <3
Thanks, quality sub feels different.