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2021-04-14 18:15 UTC
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Fixed up a bunch of errors that were pointed out in the comments in my last upload and did some other fixes and optimisations. Credits to nekomoekissaten ( for the base script that was used. For matching the subtitles with the Ohys-Raws video, delay the subtitles by -1000ms.

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  • Shirobako Movie v2.ass (208.3 KiB)
works fine with the UCCUSS release, no adjustment needed thanks for this!
Decent effort, but one big problem: a lot of the lines are much too long winded. There is no time to read them. There's no need to translate every single word the characters are saying. Example: Script: Rumors about him messing up on Studio Nero's storyboard has been spreading virally. Rewrite: Rumors are spreading about his mess up of Studio Nero's storyboard It just gives the reader more time to actually read while not losing any of the meaning. Also, some lines are translated too literal, as in nobody would ever write/speak like that in English. Example: Script: What foolishness are you saying. Rewrite: Don't be stupid. The 2nd one reads more natural and is also shorter. All in all, if you can't wait for official US subs, go for this. It's not bad, but be warned.
Thanks for this, OP. Subs were good enough for me to finally watch the movie. Will be going through the subs to proofread and iron out some of the kinks I noticed but thanks for the effort. Still figuring out how to properly time and typeset with SSA subs but so far doesn't seem too hard.