[Commie] Bishounen Tanteidan - 01 [B5442672].mkv

2021-04-11 20:08 UTC
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  • [Commie] Bishounen Tanteidan - 01 [B5442672].mkv (774.5 MiB)
time to watch the episode again
herkz and homosexual anime name a more iconic duo
I knew you couldn't resist this show.
how is it homosexual if the MC is a girl
The blond boy can make some straight people become gay !!
[Commie] gay and less intelligent conan - 01 [B5442672].mkv
on one hand it's nisio, on the other it's fujoshit...
herkz pls (second one has a protanopia filter) https://slow.pics/c/gDsWncDU
are you doing another show?
That's for the memes friends
subbing this is already enough work for the season
@anor4k Encoding isnt an important part of the fansubbing process anyway
tbh i have no idea what the point of that comparison is supposed to be
The colors of the typesetting being off because of a color vision deficiency, hence a protanopia filter being used in this comparison
> tbh i have no idea what the point of that comparison is supposed to be colors are way off
"they're the same picture"
Colors of the video encode or the typesetting?
the video: #ffffff the typesetting: #d3f4f1
It's not like I specifically said "typesetting"
If the color was deliberately chosen how could it be "off"?
because there's a color that it's clearly supposed to be, but isn't
@herkz see this (colours untouched, except hue rotated in 60 degree increments): https://slow.pics/c/eEnGEi7N if the colour was correct, the kanji and english would be (pretty much) the same in all images. hope you can see a difference in at least one of these
no, i can see the difference between the two images as i don't have protanopia. although i realize now why it's wrong because i changed the color in the style without updating that one sign. also the very first sign in the episode actually changes color over time, but there wasn't a good way to replicate it, so it looks slightly off in different ways.
rub a dub dub, thanks for the sub
based and herkz-pilled
>Pretty Boy >Nishio >commie No surprise here.
I miss herkz old mlp avatar

Commie (uploader)

oh that still exists
there was a new ova released for wotakoi recently, any plans to sub it?
only if the BD is uploaded, which it hasn't been.
"[Commie] gay and less intelligent conan - 01 [B5442672].mkv" let me see if I can fix this... "[Commie] gay, less intelligent, more pretentious conan - 01 [B5442672].mkv" No, that's still off... "[Commie] gay and less intelligent conan with less plot - 01 [B5442672].mkv" ... I'll go with that one for now.
I still don't understand how people think it's gay
Commie saving anime once again