[Oyatsu] Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu (The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent) - 01 (1280x720 10bit x264 AAC) [0EF80833].mkv

2021-04-10 20:16 UTC
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Original translation and fansubbing like it's 2011? Hell yes! Enjoy the snack! **EDIT:** Due to a small oopsie, this release is 8-bit x264 instead of 10-bit as we'd planned originally. Guess we became a bit too much 2011, hehe. We'll be using 10-bit from ep 2 onwards!

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  • [Oyatsu] Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu (The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent) - 01 (1280x720 10bit x264 AAC) [0EF80833].mkv (218.6 MiB)
wow, nice how old school i love it
you were dead. i saw you die
\> TV source (even when web sources are nowadays miles better) \> 720p (even when the show's native resolution should be higher) \> Bit depth : 8 bits An almost flawless 2011 experience! Just sad that there is no hardsubbed karaoke fx. Jokes aside, I honestly can't see any reason why this should be prefered over the group "Cyan". It's nice to see Oyatsu back, but this isn't really "2021 appropriated" quality.

oyatsufs (uploader)

@friend_or_food Hehe. :) @ot4ku Thanks! @BoxDweller That means we're zombies!! :) @KazuyaShuu No, you're not!! @eXmendiC Oh, oopsies, the 8-bit was a small unintended derp. We'll do 10bit from ep 2 as originally planned. :P Thanks for pointing it out! Well, apart from that, it's completely up to you guys which one you want to watch. We'll be doing this to try and have some fun. :) Everyone's more than welcome to join though!
Well, as long as you switch to a better video source with hopefully 1080p and 10bit, it should be fine. The stuff I mentioned is just for the visual quality which is far better on Cyan. If that one is (almost) equal then it's at least just a choice of "which translation do I like better". Anyway, the best web source available should be Wakanim (download version) dehardsubbed with Funimation. Just Funimation (if you don't know anything about dehardsubbing) is probably worse, but still much better than TV (MBS). Erai/SubsPlease are ripping Funimation.
using TV sources in 2021 should unironically get trusted removed
based savior oyatsu back to bring us tv goodness i love this season already
robomasters ep 3 when?
trusted in nyaa is fake everyone knows that except trusted user
https://slow.pics/c/dSMZfVOV This is a comparison showing an encode that I did in 25 minutes. It's half the size of Oyatsu and overall looks very slightly better. This is not because I am a godlike encoder, but rather because this is just how bad TV is.
truly a 2011 experience in 2021, comment section no bully lol
Easter Miracle
Looking forward to this. Thanks for doing it.
Frankly, this kinda look older than 2011 !
Interesting, thanks
@oyatsufs mistake or not.... thank you for this.
Y'all got a staff list for this?

oyatsufs (uploader)

@luv_3 It's now added to the blog post on the site!