[AkihitoSubs] Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel III - spring song [Opus][BD 1080p HEVC x265 10Bit]

2021-04-10 15:13 UTC
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**Have an anime request to encode? Request them in the comments or on our discord server.** ===== **```Join our discord server:``` [Click Here](https://discord.gg/6XnYdWP)** ====================================================================================== As for this release I have OCR'd the English PGS subtitles to .ass and did some basic styling, I also fixed the typos + grammar errors that arose when I OCR'd them. I'll also be releasing the complete Fate main route batch within a week or two. - Fate/Zero - Fate/Stay Night 2006 - Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works - Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel Movies I-III Once the USBD is out I'll mux in the dub and create a Dual-Audio release with the same video. > Recommended media players to use for my releases are MPV and MX Player for Android. | **Video** | **Resolution** | **Japanese Audio (Default):** | **Subtitle Track:** | | :-----------: |:---------:| :--------:|:---------:|:---------:| | ```JP BDMV``` | ```1080p``` | ```JP BDMV (Opus, 2.0 Ch 192kbps)``` | ```Dialogue (Restyled JP PGS Subs)``` Second account with weekly encodes: [Click Here](https://nyaa.si/user/AkihitoSubsWeeklies) >**[If you like this release please help by seeding it!]** ![alt text](https://i.ibb.co/Wkp9Sxk/MUXED-mkv-0500.webp) > ![alt text](https://i.ibb.co/yVjhWpZ/MUXED-mkv-0600.webp) > ![alt text](https://i.ibb.co/HX781X9/MUXED-mkv-0900.webp) > ![alt text](https://i.ibb.co/pLG4vG3/MUXED-mkv-1200.webp) > ![alt text](https://i.ibb.co/jMybf0f/MUXED-mkv-1300.webp) > ![alt text](https://i.ibb.co/gjtGb8v/MUXED-mkv-1400.webp)

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Up top in subs description it says "Dialogue (Restyled JP PGS Subs)" Are the subs in Japanese as well as the audio? Can't tell since there's no Screen shot displaying Eng subs. I was looking for something easy to re-encoode back to original AVC8bit.
@NetGhost re-encodes are the devil, please download the BDMV then encode what you want
Hey If you're taking requests id really appreciate it if you did Persona 5 the animation bd dual audio? Thank you!

AkihitoSenpai (uploader)

@SadBoy19 We are not taking requests at this moment as we have quite a bit left to complete. Once that's complete sure.
"Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto" and "Zetsuen no Tempest: The Civilization Blaster" each from Moozzi2.