[Chihiro] Blue Reflection Ray 01 [1080p Hi10P AAC][ABACEAC8].mkv

2021-04-10 03:48 UTC
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  • [Chihiro] Blue Reflection Ray 01 [1080p Hi10P AAC][ABACEAC8].mkv (534.3 MiB)
Haven't seen Chihiro in a while.
thought i was going to end up watching this on subplease thank god chihiro pick it up
Just a hint: the Wakanim audio is actually worse than Amazon (EAC3) or Funimation. The overall bitrate is higher on Wakanim, but they use ffmpeg AAC which performs way worse (even at higher bitrates) than other AAC encoders. Higher doesn't always mean better, if the encoder behind it is bad. So it should be avoided. I personally prefer Amazon's audio, because the cut-off is 20kHz instead of Funimation's 17kHz, but both Funi and Amazon are almost equal good in audio quality. Would be nice if you consider it for Ep2+.
I thought it would be something interesting or at least be something... since Chihiro is subbing but it ended up being a huge disappointment. Still thaNkz for suBs o/

Chihiro (uploader)

eXmendiC - I certainly will consider it! Wakanim was a pain too since it was 1 frame shorter cut at the start.
how dare you to stay alive