[MoyaiSubs] Godzilla Singular Point - 02 (Web 1080p AAC) [CB0B7D8F].mkv

2021-04-08 19:07 UTC
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Expect next week's release to be around the same time. It's been one new struggle after another for us, but we're having a great time and hopefully it shows! --- **Staff** TL: Sino TL Check: Sino Editing: basil Typesetting: Sodra, dez, kaxi, basil Timing: Jes QC: basil, Combo Encode provided by KoolKidsK over at [PAS]. Thanks to Guncannon for letting us work with his translation for the kabuki scenes.

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  • [MoyaiSubs] Godzilla Singular Point - 02 (Web 1080p AAC) [CB0B7D8F].mkv (1.0 GiB)
How it has reached to the Gigbyte realms though? Last ep was near half the size ;o
isnt this last week's episode? e; oh my 02 was from anonsubs
give me 60FPS
Awesome work, thanks!
Do you guys consider fan subbing other shows beside moe kids show?
@vanquisher: and how is that any of your business? You're not going to try and get them to subs other stuff that is more "worthy" are you?
why would anyone want to sub anything else?
Subbing moe kids show are the best thing someone can do xD
Hell, Moyai are one of the few true fansubbers left: subbing stuff that does not have official sources. Praise be to them.
Thanks for this
1 - let bully them out of nyaa 2 - then complain about anime without OTL 3 - ????? 4 - PROFIT!!!!
@DmonHiro wouldn't they technically still be breaking the codex for subbing licensed content that is set to have an official release soon edit: on second thought is the codex even a thing outside of german fansubs?
@pip3: Who the hell cares about the codex? That thing is ancient, and Netflix deserves to have it's stuff "stolen" because of their retarded method of releasing anime.
"Netflix deserves to have it’s stuff “stolen” because of their retarded method of releasing anime" AND because of the generally abhorrent quality of their subs.
@DmonHiro i thought that by "true fansubbers" you meant codex abiding. so it wasn't just a german thing, huh
@oxyghene honestly would rather watch crunchy/funi subs for the rest of my life with no fansubs then watch a Netflix subbed show


Absolutely based. Thank you.
Thanks for subbing this show!
thx 4 sub breh, honestly i like the AI waifu more than robot and radon. Hope the next episode has more AI waifu scenes. Tbh it's confusing seeing sub says rodan and characters says radon...
@pip3: By "true fansubbers" I mean people who make their own subtitles, not just rip (and maybe edit) subs from official sources (CR, Funi, etc.). Also, the old codex I meant said that you should stop subbing shows that have official releases, but I don't count Netfilx as an official release because they are retarded.
Much appreciated. Thank you!
Hell yeah, was waiting for this.
@ItsEnder ABSOLUTELY. Netflix subs are so bad by any and all metrics. It´s not simply the translation that is awful, it´s literally everything. Until, what, maybe two years ago tops?, they didn´t even do signs. They still barely do it. Huge chunks of visual info just omitted. I´m absolutely with @DmonHiro in this one: "their releases are retarded". Still can´t believe everything points to them releasing Shaman King in batches way after air in Japan. Absolutely idiotic.
a comment just to comment...
Thank you, my fav show this season
Who gives a shit about muh Codex at this point. Look at the abysmal quality of most officially released stuff. I just watched Mars Red, not sure whether it's Funi or Crunchyroll but they did such a terrible job with it. Fansubs should stop translating when not only ther is an official release, but it's of acceptable quality.