[SubsPlease] Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu S2 - 01 (1080p) [EA93B29C].mkv

2021-04-08 18:47 UTC
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1.4 GiB
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  • [SubsPlease] Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu S2 - 01 (1080p) [EA93B29C].mkv (1.4 GiB)
awesome, made my day :)
i thought this would come out tomorrow edit: oh ok it's early morning in japan
hell yeah thanks was waiting on this!
domo arrigato! :)
looks terrible tbh
Just curious if there will be a less censored(?) ver just like the first season
This OP slaps hard. Makes me so happy.
Censored? if yes will have a ATX version later?
> ATX version later? AT-X isn't broadcasting this at all by the looks of it. I can only find listing for TBS and their sister channel.
Shit, it have the annoying holy lights, so no at-x this time? Damn...
happy days... wait... what... annoying holy lights.. hell no... nooooooooooooooooooooooo im still watching it though... Thanks subsplease.
This show would actually be much better without all the ecchi stuff.
This show is just fine the way it is ..ecchi and all in fact more would be GREAT it is a wonderful second season and I love all of it so far.
Ecchi make this show more wholesome. Hail the ecchi. :)
Do I watch now or do I wait long after it's finished airing for them to release uncensored?
Allah forgive me for uttering these words: I've been waiting for this.
So far, I haven't seen anything that might gen uncensored later.
The fact that there's censorship and no uncensored release to watch instead is tragic.
Thank you ♥❤💚❤️💘💕
What's Malty from Shield Hero doing here? òÓ
Not that I particularly dislike this show, but it's always a trip to me which anime get chosen for production. Never makes sense when mid shows are greenlit prior to better ones, but maybe that's just because these are easier to pump out.
See, Jyiber, your opinion of "better ones" is just that: YOUR opinion. My opinion is that Isekai Maou is a fantastic property and I want as much of it adapted as possible.
I always skip ecchi anime with censorship, this one isn't the exception even if I liked the S1. Will watch once all BDs is released or if even an uncensored version is released.
Oh yes here we go! Again.
guess i'll watch season 1 now and wait for the bds
The S1 BDs only had some minor additions and changes, a bit less light, removed blankets or panties, a handful of longer fingering scenes, but there were still no nipples. Like this https://postimg.cc/gallery/xSHXKLf So you aren't missing much by watching this.
It surprises me how many people whine about this show, I think it's great =)
This show is fantastic and it's one of the few good things to come of this season. Everyone should be happy here.
The pictures in the light novel are the same as they are in this episode. you don't see more there
Dancing fluffy boobs is back hooray!!